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21 Weeks Pregnant: Preparing For The Big Day

21 Weeks Pregnant: Preparing For The Big Day

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful feelings in a woman"s life

. She is deemed to be the caregiver as well as the one who can give birth. As such, days of her pregnancy should guarantee her utmost care, love and protection in order to have the baby born in a loving and warm atmosphere.

The woman who is 21 Weeks pregnant needs special care and special food for the baby to develop well. There are many changes taking place, both in the body of the woman as well as the baby. The woman now feels that her feet have swollen and she begins to fell heavy and bloated almost all the time. She feels sluggish and there is a problem known as edema which develops in the pregnant lady because of the severe water retention. This is the prime reason why the woman needs to pee almost all the time. This is essential in order to get rid of all the water that she retains or is retaining now. The 21 Weeks pregnant woman is pretty heavily pregnant and should prevent straining herself by sitting or standing for long hours at a stretch. She should also keep in mind to exercise and also wear special support stockings that are available in order to get proper support. When being faced by such a problem of water retention, the pregnant lady should never stop drinking fluids or water. If she does this, it will aggravate the problem fluid retention.

The baby at this stage has grown up to be approximately 360 grams and about ten and a half inches long. The skin as seen before in ultrasound is no longer transparent and he or she is fast building up the skin as well as the fat beneath her epidermis.

At 23 weeks pregnant, the woman is now a heavy woman. She has gained more than 15 pounds as the seed continues to grow inside her. The navel now has 1.5 inches of the uterus. Since the baby is now about 500 grams, which is half a kg, the mother to be may feel woozy and fuddled most of the time. The fluid retention problem still exists and is in fact aggravated from the previous stage. She fells more bloated than ever before. The belly has now stretched and the baby can also fell the touch of the mother. The mother should thus make it a point to rub the belly often in order to bond with the baby and also to prevent the formation of stretch marks. More than 50% of the women when 23 weeks pregnant suffer from this problem and sadly there is no foolproof method to prevent the formation of these unsightly stretch marks.

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21 Weeks Pregnant: Preparing For The Big Day