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2008's Most Popular Cats

2008's Most Popular Cats

Author: Samantha Markham

Cats are becoming evermore diverse. They now come in a variety of weird and wonderful shapes, sizes and colors. But which domesticated cats were the most popular family pets of 2008. Here are the top ten: 10. Oriental Cat Extremely similar to the Siamese, the Oriental has a more diverse range of colors and patterns, but has the same temperament and body structure as the Siamese. Therefore, like the Siamese, its popularity is predominantly caused by its huge capacity for affection, its intelligence and playful nature. 9. The Birman Cat One of the most striking features of the Birman is its long hair, which is beautiful, but needs a great deal of care. Owners agree that the Birman is typically laidback, which makes it ideal for a family with children and/or other animals. 8. The American Short Hair As its name suggests, the American Short Hair does not require as much grooming as some of its longer haired cousins do. It is known for being a very agile and active pet, which means that he, or she, will love to play. However, generally, the breed is very independent, which means it could be ideal for a busy family who are out of the house for the majority of the day. 7. Sphinx Cat The sphinx is a cat once seen and never forgotten. It is an almost hairless breed. Despite, the peculiar appearance, the Sphinx is incredibly affectionate, loyal and loving, which makes it a firm favorite among cat lovers. They are good with children and other animals. Moreover, they are intelligent and extremely playful. 6. Ragdoll Cat One of the larger breeds of cat, the Ragdoll can weigh between 10 and 20lbs. It should come as no surprise therefore, that he is not the most active of cats. Nevertheless, they are very loving and enjoy spending time with humans. It is wise to bear in mind that the breed has long fur that can become matted if not groomed regularly. 5. The Abyssinian Cat At number five on the list of popular cats is the Abyssinian, which is made instantly recognizable by its unusual and beautiful coat. The fur of an Abyssinian is ruddy ticked, which means that each hair is marked with alternating bands of color. As well as being incredibly attractive the Abyssinian is known to be very intelligent. 4. Siamese The Siamese is a perennial favorite among cat lovers. It has white, or off-white, fur with pointing on the legs, ears, face and tail. An interesting fact about the Siamese is that the darkness of the coats points are affected by the temperature that the kitten is when growing. A hugely appealing part of the Siamese is its personality, which is incredibly affectionate and loving. 3. Maine Coon Cat Another very large breed of cat, the Maine Coon can reach weights of up to 20lbs. It is affectionately known as a gentle giant, because it has an extremely mellow temperament, which makes it an ideal family pet. However, it has a very think fluffy coat, which needs quite a lot of care. 2. The Exotic Short Hair Cat The Exotic Short Hair is sometimes called the lazy mans Persian, because, as its name suggests, it has short hair that does not require the regular grooming that a Persian would need. Other than that, the Exotic Short Hair is very similar to the Persian in temperament and character. 1. Persian Speaking of which, the Persian was the most popular cat breed of 2008. It is easily recognizable, due to its long and beautiful fur. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Persian is a very pleasing companion, because it is mellow, affectionate and incredibly docile. If you are interested in any of the above breeds, seek further information before welcoming a new cat into your home. It is also advisable to find a reputable breeder or consider adopting an unwanted cat from a local rescue center. About the Author:

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