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2 Benefits Of Website Copywriter

2 Benefits Of Website Copywriter

Many people feel undecided when getting involved with copywriters

. Like any art form, writing is subjective, rather than black and white, most business owners and marketing managers see indistinguishable shades of grey. However, copywriting possesses one key element that most other kinds of art do not, a commercial imperative.

Because the copywriter's audience is drive through the realities of the business market, so does the copywriter. Regardless the good ones love to write, they do not necessarily love to write about toilet paper and real estate. Copywriters are special website copywriters, and they write because it is their job. Additionally, it is like any job, copywriting has extremely defined objectives and parameters, which decide the form of material they generate and what they work.

Therefore, if you require black and white, this is where you will find it. There are two primary commercial realities for a website copywriter. Understand these realities, and you will understand the writer. If you forget about them and your job will take longer, become more exasperating, less engaging, and earn you less cash.


A website copywriter requires adhering to certain guidelines to ensure your website is both reader friendly and search engine friendly. This is black and white. Because most websites rely on search engines for their traffic, your website copywriter has to write for two common audiences, human and personal computer. This introduces some complexities because quite often these audiences wish different things.

For instance, less is frequently more for humans. However, it will be more with computers. Humans require understanding, so the fewer words will be the better. Search engines, on the other hand, are program to think that anything vital enough to be rank extremely has to have many words. A website copywriter must balance these conflicting requirements. Your copywriter will work quicker and more competently if you do not demand too few words or too many.

If your site requires both humans and search engines, try not to set your heart on less than 100 words per page or more than 300 words. Somewhere in the middle is a cool compromise for both audiences.

In addition, it is not just the number of words used that is essential. Humans tend not to like repeated words, whereas search engines do. Humans will understand from your title what it is you do, and if it is related. Mention it once, and they will frequently remember. Search engines are not so wise. They require being mention repeatedly. This is how they comprehend how related your site is.

Do not ask your website copywriter to be a minimalist. The search engines will not like it. Similarly, do not ask them to jam simply every page full of hundreds of your primary keyword phrases, because your human readers will not like that. In fact, neither will the search engines. The trick is to expect each page to repeat one or two primary keyword phrases 5 to 10 times.

Remember, balancing human and personal computer requirements is time consuming. Try to have comprehensible understanding of the goal of each page before your writer starts. You will get a much better product with fewer time consuming iterations.


A website copywriter deals in benefits, audiences, products, services, and attributes. This is black and white. These things might be painfully evident to you, but they will not be to your copywriter. Additionally, regardless a good copywriter will be able to draw them out of you, they will not be able to recognize them accurately and comprehensively alone.

Before you engage a website copywriter, come to a list of what you do, whom you do it for, and what the benefits. Your job will cost more if your brief is base on one line, "I wish to expand sales!"

When it comes down to it, a good website is writing around benefits. Consumers are only interested in how you can benefit them. This means benefits are the website copywriter's motivation. You will be sick and tired of hearing your copywriter asking, "But what are the benefits of that to your customer?" at the end of the project you will definitely thanks them for asking though.

Do not confuse features with benefits. A feature is what you do or how you do it. A benefit is what advantage that brings to the buyer. Your list should come to a clear distinction among the two. This will save your copywriter heaps of time, and save you many cash. Most importantly, it will make you many cash because your website will engage your buyer.

Website copywriting is an art form. However, because it is an art form with a commercial foundation, it can be comprehend by someone in business. Additionally, when you understand the commercial realities of the copywriter, the grays of the art form will pop out to seem more like the familiar black and white of the 9 to 5. Only then will you be able to exploit your website copywriter.

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