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White Smile: Works In The Deeper Level Of Teeth

Popularity of teeth brightening products have been increasing day by day

. The topic of brightening the teeth is probably one of the most popular and discussed topic in todays world. It is because; everybody is now conscious about his or her looks as well as personality. It is also well known that without a bright and shiny smile, ones personality and looks remain incomplete. For this reason, todays people are ready to spend even hundreds and thousands of dollars for fixing this teeth discoloration problem.

Our teeth become discolored by two levels: extrinsic level and intrinsic level. White extrinsic stains are faded or can be removed with the help of some ordinary teeth brightening products, intrinsic stains cannot be removed without the process of teeth bleaching. Most whitening products in the market can give solution for only extrinsic stains. However, White Smile is a glaring exception among the hordes of ordinary teeth brightening products. Besides removing the stains from the surface of teeth, it is useful for intrinsic stains too. Stains that caused by everyday things, like tobacco, tea, coffee, and some other certain types of foodstuffs, can be easily removed by this product. It dissolves these stains located on the external layer of teeth and increases the whiteness of enamel. However, it is harder to get rid of intrinsic stains as they penetrate the deeper level of dental tissue. But, the unique formula of White Smile is able to remove those stubborn stains by working on the deeper level of teeth. For this reason, it is much more reliable and gives more satisfactory result than most other similar products.

While this teeth bleaching product is one of the best of its kind, it has its limitations too. It does not work on artificial dental work. So, if you have crowns, caps, bonding, fillings, etc. in your teeth, do not expect this product to work on them. You should not also use a mouthwash containing alcohol after using this substance because that alcohol substance will decrease its effect. However, oxygenating oral rinse can be used which may enhance the effectiveness. So, use this product in such a way so that you can have the best performance from it.

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White Smile: Works In The Deeper Level Of Teeth