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What Are The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Bleaching?

Theres no question that sparkling white teeth can really do wonders for a persons smile

. Unfortunately, years of abuse can cause teeth to take on a less attractive yellow appearance over time. Habits such as excessive coffee drinking, smoking, and poor dental hygiene can all cause teeth to become yellow or stained over time, though simple genetics often play a role in the process as well. Fortunately, people who are unhappy with the color of their teeth do have the option of taking advantage of the various whitening or bleaching technologies available today.

When it comes to tooth bleaching, there are generally two options. The first and seemingly less expensive choice is to purchase an at-home bleaching kit and do the whitening in the comfort of your own home. The second option is to go to a cosmetic dentist and have the bleaching professionally done in an office setting. While an office visit might cost a bit more than the do-it-yourself alternative, there are several benefits to having your teeth professionally bleached. Professional teeth bleaching for patients looking to improve their smiles is highly recommended by dentists.

The primary benefit of professional tooth bleaching is the fact that a dentist can produce immediate results. Thanks to the higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide (the effective chemical in bleaching systems) available to trained professionals, an office whitening session can provide noticeable changes in the teeths coloring in just over an hour. Of course, the same chemical is present in at-home bleaching kits, but since dentists are allowed to use a higher concentration of it, patients are able to see results immediately. The at-home kits, on the other hand, can take weeks or even months to produce a visible change in the color of a persons teeth. And while professional whitening might cost a bit more than the do-it-yourself method, what you pay for in services, youll make up for in plenty of time and energy saved.

Tooth bleaching, whether at home or in an office, involves wearing a tray that holds the bleach against the teeth in order to enable it to work. Another benefit of professional tooth bleaching is that a dentist can provide a custom tray that properly fits the teeth and wont negatively affect the gum tissue. The result is a safer and more effective process that yields results without compromising the patients health or comfort level.

Finally, when a patient opts for professional tooth bleaching, he gets the benefit of the knowledge that a trained professional is supervising the procedure and using the chemicals involved in a safe, productive manner. When you buy over-the-counter products, you could be putting yourself in the position of purchasing something that is actually harmful to your teeth and gums. By having your teeth professionally whitened, you gain the reassurance of knowing that you arent putting your mouth in jeopardy in order to have whiter teeth.

Your smile is one of the first things that people are likely to notice about you, so its natural to want bright white teeth as part of the picture. By having your teeth professionally bleached, youll get the benefit of safety coupled with immediate results. Remember, you deserve to be happy with the way you look, and your teeth can play a big role in your overall appearance. So pop on over to your local cosmetic dentist and walk away with a great smile, a positive attitude, and an instant self-esteem boost.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

by: Jack Elder
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