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Votre Vu Success Strategies For Continued Wealth Creation

 Votre Vu Success Strategies For Continued Wealth Creation

Author: Shari H

If you are a serious Votre Vu business builder, these marketing strategies that your upline dont know about, can help you quickly build your Votre Vu business to the higher income levels of your compensation plan.

Most consultants will start their businesses by having soirees for their friends, family and warm market. This strategy may sustain a business for the short-term; but after several months, this market will be exhausted. Most business builders have no clue as to how to expand their business beyond this level and will eventually end up in the 97% of network marketers who fail.
 Votre Vu Success Strategies For Continued Wealth Creation

1. Learn To Target Your Market

Instead of making the mistake of trying to talk to anyone and everyone about their business opportunity or products, the serious marketer would do well to learn the art of targeting their market.

This strategy is about finding a targeted market who is already looking for what you have to offer. Consultants can position themselves as the experts in solving skincare and haircare problems; and therefore, literally have an unlimited market of prospects who are already looking for those solutions.

2. Dont Convince or Sell, Sort

Convincing or selling is trying to create demand or desire for your product. Sorting is about finding the prospects (through targeted marketing methods) who are already interested in what you have and leading them to the buying decision. Done correctly, through a qualifying process or script, assures that consultants are talking only to the people who are truly interested in the benefits of the products.

3. Master The Power Of The Internet

Harnessing the power of the internet can turbo charge your business to any level you want faster than any other tool available. The key though, is to position yourself first and market the benefits your product can offer.

The three primary ways of driving traffic to a unique website are:

a) PPC- or paid traffic

b) SEO or organic traffic

c) Social Media or Web 2.0

Very few network marketers know how to leverage these three tools. For the serious marketer who will invest in learning these strategies and other key marketing skills, a consultant can be in a position of having an unlimited number of prospects as well as gain the biggest advantage in dominating their particular market.

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