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Understand 2012 Ecommerce Trends And Why To Go Mobile

 Understand 2012 Ecommerce Trends And Why To Go Mobile

Are you looking for ecommerce web development and good ecommerce developers

? Well, understand the latest ecommerce trends first. The top ecommerce trends for the year 2011 were focused on social integration, customer analytics and ecommerce remarketing. But year 2012 is all about mobile customers. Your ecommerce business will lose sales to competitors, if you don"t give a good shopping experience on mobile devices.

Why Online Retailers Must Go Mobile?

Today, most consumers use Smartphones and tablets for their ecommerce related needs. They access promotional coupons, scan QR codes, research products, compare prices and even order a product. The total number of Smartphone users in the U.S. is approx 82.2 million. Today more consumers shop using a mobile phone and tablets compared to a laptop or desktop PC. That"s why, an ecommerce site owner today needs to consider growing consumer adoption of mobile devices. This means, you need to adjust your online business as per these changing trends.

Mobile Considerations to Make

As an ecommerce business owner, you need to make two mobile considerations. One is Smartphone and the other is tablet PC. There is a huge difference between using ecommerce sites on a mobile device and on a computer. A mobile device has a reduced screen size and browsers having limited capabilities. So, websites need to be optimized for mobile users as standard websites simply do not display well on a small screen. However, most websites work well on tablets, with their larger display screen. But most of them do not support Flash. And this is a technology that is commonly used on websites. Make a Smartphone-friendly version of your website and display it in a different way to customers on a tablet. Just make sure that your ecommerce site can determine what device a site visitor is using and offer an appropriate look.

Ecommerce Businesses Mobile Trends and Facts

The trends and facts are:

1. 15 percent of mobile phone owners now research products and compare prices every month

2. A mobile website is far less expensive to build and manage compared to an app

3. 30 percent of tablet owners and 25 percent of Smartphone owners have used their device to shop online

4. Ecommerce site owners consider strategies like simplifying IT, making it stimulating and using a tablet themselves

5. Most consumers are using Smartphone and have Internet

So, consider all these points and ensure best ecommerce web development by hiring experienced ecommerce developers.

by: jakson

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