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"a Dog Barking + Filled Water Balloons = Key To Success"

So, I got a call from my success partner today because he had one of those "unique"

moments the night before, and my friend gave me permission to tell you about.

My friend stated that at 2 am the other morning his neighbor's dog started making a lot of noise barking insanely, in which woke him up. So he started filling up several water balloons to throw across the gate at him for revenge for waking him up, then as strange as this may seem he had an epiphany on what will it take to be successful.

***SIDE NOTE: My friend was jost joking about throwing the water ballons at his neighbors dog. He is an animal lover, and will never do anything to intentionally hurt them, this is strictly for entertaining value.***

When one of the water balloons that he filled barely got too full, it burst and caused a small pool on 1/2 of his kitchen.

This is when he said, that the epiphany hit him like a ton of bricks.

The ultimate lesson that should be understood in order to be successful in your business(and in all areas of your life as well) has always been in front of our faces all this time!

Water, my friends.

You say, that's it.

Just water, Jay?

To speak truthfully, this secret is what holds the golden key to attaining true wealth and in just about anything you pursue.

OK, so before you think my friend and I have gone insane for this analogy, let me clarify more on what I mean.

You see, when the water balloon exploded all over his kitchen, he couldn't help but get angry that he should of stopped filling the water just a millisecond before. If he had stop filling before it burst he wouldn't of spilled all of that water over him and his floor.

When started to realize though...

That there is a true lesson that water has for success in this industry of network marketing.

Lets make an example, water is hot at 211 degrees. Extremely hot in fact, to the point that it can cause someone to have serious injuries from being burned.

Now, at 212 degree it starts to boil and creates steam.

A locomotive can get power from steam, steam can drive a ship that weighs a 100,000 tons, or even generate electricity for millions and millions of homes across the world.

All it took was one extra degree to make all the difference.

And you know what, when my friend explained this to me I knew what he was allotting to.

This is the exact same truth when applying it to business, and life... What separates the average from the elite is just one extra degree of effort.

I was able to come across some very interesting stats for my point to be illustrated.

In example, for the past 25 years in all of the major golf tournaments combined for the average margin of victory was less than 3 strokes.

The victory margin between whether or not you win an Olympic Gold Medal is very small. In fact, in 2004, for the men's 800m race the victory margin was less than .71 seconds.

Whether you won the Gold Medal or not at all, was just less than 1 second...(I'm certain it took you longer than that for you to read those words...)

For the past 10 years at the Indy 500, the victory margin was 1.54 seconds.

So, now her's the point I'm illustrating.

At the Indy 500 the average first place winner brought home $1,278,813.

The second place winner brought home? $621,321.

The second place winner at a 1.54 second difference ended up costing $657,492...

I'm not making a point to join the Olympics, or the Indy 500. My point is that in order to become a winner you must put that 1 degree extra of effort that will always seperate the elite from the average.

To speak honestly, I believe that it's the smallest amount of extra effort that makes all the difference and releases the most impact toward your goal to success positively.

To me, this goes beyond the saying "Winners do what losers aren't willing to do". It's much simpler than that.

It's more along the lines that "The elite winners make that small amount of extra effort that makes all the difference and separates them from the average pack.

It's no doubt that you will feel like giving up along the path to success and achievement... Believe me I did...

It may be a little difficult to discipline yourself to dedicate your weekend to talking to prospects and managing your marketing campaigns online.

This goes without saying though... That just 1 extra degree of extra effort will give you so much reward and success more than I can even explain to you.

There is no doubt about that.

You can achieve this as well, my friends, and you will be so much surprised how much easier this is than you imagine. Reason why, is that I'll show you everything that it takes to duplicate this method step-by-step. All you have to is just implement what I show you in my free tutorials, and apply that 1 extra degree of effort and you will have whatever your heart desire's!

To The Water Analogy,

Jay Moreland

by: Jay Moreland
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