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"King Of World OF War Craft"

Author: mark F

So you want to be a Master A king in the world of Warcraft well there countless are's to cover, and more information then I personally know however, l am going to give you some free pvp tips. as we all know wow changes from season to season. and pvp has especially since WotLK and is still evolving here are the tips on how to rank higher in this season 1, Resilience has been nerffed this time around in your equipment so that you can't get enough resilience to have any effect on your performance - not like it was in the past. any Most players need around 1200 Resilience at Level 80 to be effective in mitigating damage, while Season 5 gear caps out around 900 or so. is more of a damage and burst focused one. 2. equips now comes in three different tiers. Players can start getting PvP gear when they are attempting instances and acquiring Emblems of Heroism. These as well as with honor points can be exchanged in for various pieces of equipment that no longer require only Arena points. furthermore, the cap for buying high end PvP stuff has been lowered to 2050 so that more players can more readily buy top end gear before they hit 2100 in the arena which some do not even accomplish. 3, Currently, the most dominant two classes are Retribution Paladins who can take damage seemingly endlessly and deal it out in effective bursts while healing what damage they do incur, followed by Death Knights who are generally too godly no matter which way you slice it. In teams of 2 or 3, these two classes with a healer or a Mage are going to be unstoppable. Fortunately in 5 man play, the deciding victor is still going to be balance and planning however, burst damage is much more effective right now, so 3 person DPS teams are emerging with increased frequency.. However you play though, PvP right now is please remember it is not what will be within a few weeks or months. Practice as best as you can but prepare for major updates as Blizzard continues tweaking the system in the coming seasons for a ever growing pvp and pve WoW And that as they say is that if you would like more information on how to become The King of World of Warcraft then please have a look at this address And that as they say is that if you would like more information on how to become The King of World of Warcraft then please have a look at this address> I wish you luck in all your endeavorers my friendsAbout the Author:
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