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How To Avoid Fearing The Dentist

Whether you tend to get slightly antsy or downright panicky

, the thought of going to the dentist for any sort of treatment is usually one that is met with a degree of mental unease. Despite the fact that many dental treatments arent actually painful, many would agree that even something such as a simple cleaning could be classified as uncomfortable. After all, most dental visits involve a person, be it the dentist or the hygienist, digging around your mouth in areas that you yourself can probably barely reach with your toothbrush. And although some procedures take longer than others, the practice of having to hold your mouth open for an extended period time can cause a degree of mild physical aggravation.

The problem with dental anxiety is that it can be severe enough to cause some people to avoid the dentist altogether, a fact that can result in extreme oral health issues down the road. Even those who are minimally afraid of the dentist might not visit as often as recommended. And while many are able to push themselves to show up to their regularly-scheduled teeth cleanings, such people might shy away from anything tooth-related that goes above and beyond the bare minimum for maintenance. For plenty of individuals, this means missing out on cosmetic dental procedures that could have otherwise positively impacted their appearances and lives.

One of the approaches to calming fearful patients is to create an inviting and comforting dental office. By keeping the office nice and clean, and employing the friendliest of staff members, dentists do their part to produce an environment that is generally conducive to relaxing. On top of this, some have headphone and televisions on hand for his patients in order to provide a welcome distraction during longer procedures.

It is a dentists business to cater to not only mental discomfort, but also in doing their part to ensure that patients are physically comfortable. Therefore some offer nitrous oxide to reduce patients pain thresholds and help patients achieve a more relaxed state. They also use the latest technologies in anesthetics to provide pain-blocking medication that wont hurt on the way in.

The proper attitude can often be enough to turn an uptight patient into one who is relatively relaxed. While some dentists arent as skilled in the art of social interaction, it is their business to explain each procedure in a clear, comprehensible manner. They should also have a friendly, sympathetic patient approach. Rather than dismiss patient fears, it is better to discuss individual concerns so that he can address each patient on a case by case basis. People have different fears for different reasons, and a good dentist should never dismiss a scared patient as being silly. Instead, a good dentist should work with the patient to overcome such fears while acknowledging their underlying validity.

While its natural to experience some degree of anxiety on your way to the dental office, you should rest assured that a good dentist will do whatever he can to make the process less nerve-wracking for you. Remember, the last thing your dentist would ever want to do is actually scare you away. The goal of most dentists is to have long-term relationships with their patients, and the best way to develop a steady dental routine is to establish a degree of doctor-patient trust. By addressing your fears properly so that they eventually fade away, your dentist can do his part to ensure that your mind wont end up messing with your mouth.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

by: Jack Elder
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