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Recession Proof Small Businesses!

Recession Proof Small Businesses!

Author: Elie Nassour

There are many ways to set yourself aside from what is going on in the economy and just build your own life. That can happen using the internet and learning to leverage it. Let me share a story with you about myself. Just about 6 months ago I was working in a mechanic shop about ten hours a day and still was not making the money I wanted. I would get home and just think what other way is there for me to make as much money as I want and work as many hours as I wanted and be my own boss. I did not want to work for anyone and keep making them money. I wanted to do something for myself and my family. I turned to the internet and found many online business opportunities and recession proof small businesses that would claim they could help you start an online business and you would be able to work when you want and where you want. I looked into a few of them and eventually said to myself that I just had to take action and get started if I wanted to see a change in my life. I found an opportunity and bought my application to see the business plan. It went like this: 1. An online system put in place for you so when you drive traffic to it the website does all the selling and telling for you for any product or service you choose to sell or promote. You do not have to talk to people who are not serious, all you do is drive traffic. How do you drive the traffic to your site? Well online it is so easy, you can make a video for free and have traffic going right away to your site. There are thousands of online marketing methods to use to drive traffic online. You also got the world to market to and not only locals. No other business in the world can give you such power and leverage! This is just the beginning. 2. The marketing education system and training was incredible. They had thousands of marketing methods available for you to educate yourself through and learn from. You could be on live calls daily learning from the top producers earning 5 figures a week from home or anywhere in the world since it is a web based business. Just so you know that most businesses started shut down after one year because they do not know how to market and get enough clients. So all of this was really unbelievable! 3. The product line was a wealth building and financial product line that for each sale you made the company would pay you a thousand to ten thousand dollars per sale! Now here is where I went nuts! Marketing online means you could possibly make sales weekly even daily quiet easily. With the system, education and product line it seemed you could become a millionaire and just work a few hours a day! On top of that the products were beneficial at anytime of the year and especially during the recession because you can start learning about: tax,financing,mortgages,money,stocks,investing,and so much more through these products. Since it is all web based you just make the sales and the company which you can be selling the products for does all the work for you as well. So lets just summarize what we got here so far. An online business where I could get started right away and have a website given to me by the company which will close all sales for me and do all the work for me. All I had to do was drive traffic. They had the education and training for me on how to market online to anyone, anywhere in the world. They also had an amazing product line and compensation plan like never seen before on this planet! Take a guess what my decision was? I got started right away! Now I work from home or anywhere in the world making 5 figures a week. I want to share all of this with you and allow you to change your life and create it to the way you want it to be. With this online community you can make any one of your dreams come true within any time period you desire. Let me ask you, what do you really want? And let me share that whatever it is you want to make out of your life that you can with this online community filled with support. Now is your chance to take action just like I did and check out a business model which is recession proof and has the ability to make your dreams come true. Work from home or anywhere in the world and just 3-4 hours a day to produce the income you want and the time to do what you want and enjoy life. Just go to and put your name and email in and I will see you on the other side on how to proceed further to get started. Elie Nassour Master Online Marketer/Business Consultant (647)268-7014 the Author:

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