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Quick Five-Step New Year Money Makeover

Quick Five-Step New Year Money Makeover

Author: Sarah Cornish

Following the Christmas splurge, New Year is the perfect time to overhaul your finances and see where you could make savings. A money makeover doesnt even have to be about cutting back; it could just be about making sure that youre not unnecessarily wasting money and that you are receiving any money that youre entitled to. Follow these five steps to instantly improve your finances for the New Year. These changes are fairly painless too! Know what you spend. As the year draws to a close, its worth assessing just where it is that your money goes. If youre consistently spending more that you earn and racking up debts, its important to find areas where you can cut down. Are you getting the best deal on utilities and household services? It is worth using price comparison sites online to see whether you could be getting a better deal on services such as gas, electricity, telephone and broadband. If you suspect that you are in the wrong band (for example, are your neighbours in a different band?), you can ask the council to reassess your home. Water costs. It could be worth finding out whether you could cut your water bills by installing a water meter instead of receiving bills based on the value and size of your property. Water bills dont take into account how much water you actually use; water meters do. Water companies will be able to tell you accurately which system would be cheaper for you and there are also online calculators which will give you a general idea. Are you insured? Consider whether youre prepared, as far as you can be, for the unexpected. Investing in insurance such as private health insurance can save you money in the long run and give you peace of mind. Long NHS waiting times can mean ongoing complaints take a long time to be sorted out. Private medical insurance will mean that you are treated more quickly and with more choice about where. Dont forget contents insurance too in case of burglary or damage imagine how much it would cost to replace everything without insurance.About the Author:

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