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2010 and what's new with mortgages?

As a whole of market broker we constantly monitor the number of mortgage products available to our clients.  It is therefore pleasing to have seen a steady increase over the last few months with the figure currently exceeding 2500 – the highest since May 2009. Whilst this is only a fraction of the numbers available a couple of years ago, it is encouraging that lenders are once again providing clients with more choice. It is not...more

2010 Survey Sites - Locate The Best Paying Websites

Now is when 2010 paid survey sites show up everywhere. Which places are paying the biggest? Are a lot of them high paying? Those are the thoughts you will never have to think about ever again, because I know the quickest and easiest trick for selecting the top dollar websites and tossing the horrible paying websites to the garbage. You will be able to figure out the top 2010 paid survey sites in an instant.Let's begin with a vital...more

2010 Mortgage Rate Predictions

Author: MPetroneRight now, mortgage interest rates are near all time lows. Many homeowners are refinancing and getting loan modifications to take advantage. However, I predict that interest rates will increase in 2010, and some people will no longer benefit from refinancing or mortgage modification. Here are my interest rate predictions for 2010, and how I made them. Currently and for most of 2009 mortgage rates have been near all time lows. This is primarily due to President Obamas housing stimulus plan, a struggling housing market, and a bad economy. Many homeowners have and still are taking advantage and refinancing a mortgage or getting home loan modifications. However, while interest rates are around 5% for a typical 30 year fixed rate mortgage, I think things will change in 2010. I think that mortgage interest rates, while still remaining low, will slowly increase throughout 2010 starting sometime in April. I predict that the final outcome will be that homeowners will see interest rates be around 6.5% or so for the same home loan with a fixed rate. While this seems minor, it will negate any potential mortgage refinancing benefits for some homeowners. This mortgage rate...more

100 Mortgages And How To Improve You Chances Of Getting A Mortgage

Getting a 100% mortgage at the present is very hard due to the mortgage providers not being very eager to finance. Even big businesses are struggling to raise capital. So what can you show to improve your position of raising the money which you need for the house?The first thing you can do to improve your chances is to take a glance over the...more

Wealth Building Strategies For Young Couples

Wealth Building Strategies are necessary for everybody but is more advisable for young couples. For example, if a couple invests 300 dollars monthly in S and P Index for 30 years, it will give them a million dollars. Some people might keep wondering what they would do to get one million dollar all through their lives without knowing that they have...more

Think Before You Leap For Commercial Mortgages And Commercial Remortgages

Growth of your business should not be cumbered at any point of time. Your business needs to be financed from time to time if you want it to grow up. If financial problem ever crops up and hinders your plans to move forward, you may think of commercial mortgages and commercial remortgages as a source of finance. Here we are providing some tips for your benefit. Mortgaging means pledging your property. In case of commercial mortgages, you have to pledge your business premise. Interest rate and stipulated period of time within which you have to pay off the principal amount will be clearly defined. In case you fail to repay the loan, you will face the risk of having your property seized by the lender. Lenders will be interested to lend loans to the applicants with a convincing credit history and an impressive business planning. They will consider your application seriously if they are assured of constant and satisfactory cash flow out of your new venture. A positive response from lenders is contingent upon your positive attitude and it will influence the acceptance of your application by the lender. The rate of commercial mortgages and commercial remortgages is available in two...more

Min Term Cash Loans Bridging Loans

Best bridging loans are loans for people who want to purchase a House but cant do so because of lack of Cash as they have not been able to sell off their old House.Best bridging loans help you bridge the Cash gap between sale and purchase of House....more

A Professional Business Plan Can Get Your Application For Business Loan Granted

Business loans are a great help for business owners to tide over financial difficulties, swim out of debts and meet the overhead costs. Loans are also sought to fund the execution of a business planning for infrastructure development or a marketing...more

Things To Consider When Looking For A Commercial Mortgage

Many commercial property owners are looking for loans to help them to meet their financial requirements. Lenders of both residential and the commercial mortgage industry have become cautious when approving mortgage loans. Today, the mortgage market...more

A 10 Year Mortgage Refinance Could Save You Money In Time

Many homeowners are looking to refinance their house and save money on their monthly payments. Although this is a great option when you are in financial trouble, refinancing with the wrong term could create more financial issues. Many borrowers do...more

How To Conquer Boredom During Retirement

The first twelve months of retirement is really something. Its as if you are having the biggest break in your life. Nothing lasts forever though and this situation is not an exception. Boredom will eventually kick in especially if you are not doing...more

Wealth Building - Ideas to Make Money Fast

Wealth Building - Ideas to Make Money Fast Now, the internet has made all these possible and has brought plenty of options to us to make money fast which we can make use of by simply sitting back at home and the methods are simple yet...more
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