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Keeping Your Marriage Business Private

Keeping Your Marriage Business Private

Author: Christian Marriage Counseling

With almost 30 years of Marriage Counseling experience we have discovered that it is critical to keep your marriage business private. This is true when things are going well and also when things are not going so well. It is particularly important if your marriage or family is in crisis. This does not mean that you should have to handle the hurt and pain all by yourself. When you are in pain it is important to have someone to talk with. That person should not be a friend or a family member. It may seem like they would be the best person to share with, but that is not so. Why? It hurts trust between you and your spouse. You spouse may feel embarrassed when you share your relationship difficulties with family or friends. It is very disrespectful. Would you want your flaws exposed to others outside the privacy of marriage? Often, when we go to others asking for prayer, we are actually using this as an opportunity to gossip about our mate and line up support for our side of the conflict. If we air our dirty linen and later you and your spouse have made up the person you shared with may still have negative feelings about your spouse. When we get advice from family or friends we may get one sided advice. They most likely will not be impartial. They may care more about you than the truth. When you share your version of the truth, it may not be accurate. In all of our years of Marriage Counseling, we have rarely seen a situation where both spouses did not have some of the responsibility. What kind of axe to grind does your confidant have? Since half of all marriages end in divorce, it is likely that the person you are seeking help from may have hurts or prejudices that affect their advice. A classic example would be getting marriage advice from a divorced friend who is angry at their ex spouse. Of course it is important to get help when you need it. We recommend that you choose the appropriate marriage counselor to get the help from. If you and you mate cannot calmly talk out the situation, then seek guidance from your Pastor or a qualified Marriage Counselor. Dont make the mistake of making a bad situation worse. About the Author:

About Marriage Rescue Associates | Christian Marriage CounselingWith over 23 years of experience, Marriage Rescue Associates have discovered many effective methods for helping couples restore their family and marriages. As Christian Marriage Counselors, Marriage Rescue Associates can help construct solutions to rekindle love and rebuild trust that has been torn down by endless conflict, indifference, and unmet needs. Dont let your marriage or family become another statistic when you can actually do something to change it.Seek out Marriage Counseling from an experienced Marriage Counselor that understands your situation and makes you feel comfortable with them. Visit us online at www.marriagerescue.orgArticle Source: - Keeping Your Marriage Business Private guest:  register | login | search     IP( Virginia / Ashburn Processed in 0.224028 second(s), 10 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 4 , 3221, 146, 102
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