Home Network Marketing: the BIG Why? by:Matty Patterson

Home Network Marketing: the BIG Why? by:Matty Patterson
The Big WHY?
Why do you want to do this? Do you want a better, more positive life for Yourself… your Partner… your Family?
Don’t take this lightly. The reasons WHY, are the same reasons that will PUSH you and FUEL you to succeed. If you have lukewarm motives, you’ll have lukewarm results. You won’t have the fire to see you through to success. You’ll reach your first hurdle and probably give up, like soo many do. However, if you have strong, solid motives, they will see you overcome the ups and downs and onto the path of success.
So if you want to make a better life for yourself/partner/family you’ll have to take Action. Let’s get real SPECIFIC here. Write down your answers, start taking ACTION now! Trust me when I say, it’s not REAL unless you WRITE it down. So get a firm grip of that pen and let’s ignite your FIRE!
-Why are you here?
-Do you TRULY want to make a change OR is this just a passing faze?
-Do you hate your current job? …What parts specifically?
-Do you want to stop working 50, 60, 70 hour weeks? …What’s wrong with doing that?
-How does that make you feel?
-Do you want to be able to work at home, on your own terms? …Why specifically?
-Do you want to have more time to spend with your family, your friends? …Why specifically?
-Do you actually want to see your kids grow up first hand… not from afar, dog tired and miserable? …How would that make you feel to actually achieve that?
-Do you want more freedom in your life?
-What will that freedom enable you to do? …Take some time to think here…
-What will making this change enable you to do?
-Why is that important to you?
-What difference would that make to your life?
-How would doing this make you feel?
-Are you ready to “tweak” your mindset?
-Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions?
-Are you ready to take focused action, everyday, consistently?
-Is your partner supportive of your decision? Yes/No …Why? If not, then are they going to stand in your way, or let you run with it?
There’s a lot to think about here. These are BIG questions that require some REAL thought. And only YOU have the answers! So like I said, make sure you Write Them Down and REFER to them often. Dig Deep because these are the reasons that will fuel you to success.
Making a CHANGE in Your life is one of the hardest things you can do. It takes a lot of energy to get started, so make sure it’s not wasted on lukewarm motivations that will only see you through the first round!
This is Meant to be Challenging! If you can’t get past these questions, then you don’t really want to make a change. You have to be able to make clear decisions and take firm action. We’re not used to making decisions for ourselves. We’re trained early on to be employees who get told what to do. Nowhere in that equation are we told we have to ‘Think For Ourselves’.
Of course, NOW companies are asking us to think “Outside The Box”. What a shame that sentiment doesn’t start earlier on in our education. We all have the ability to think for ourselves and if you can Empower that, You’re on your way to a bright future!
So go back and write your answers down! (if you haven’t already)!
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Matty Patterson is an Online Entrepreneur and Mentor. I'll Show You the System other Top Producers DON’T want you to see and Give You the Training and Resources to Succeed in ANY Home Network Marketing Business.
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