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Convoy Tracking aids Crisis Management

Convoy Tracking aids Crisis Management

Author: Mark Sheldon

Remote working is not only lonely, but sometimes also dangerous. From time to time convoys of commodities and people will set out from one point to another and it is vital that these are tracked using GPS technology in order to avoid potential crisis. Crisis Management is an essential part of military tactics. It is much better to prevent a crisis then react to one. Convoy Tracking can be performed by GPS Technology, usually by installing GPS transmitters with the vehicles themselves. It is also possible for people to have personal tracking devices on them whilst they are in the vehicles. A combination of convoy tracking technology and personal tracking devices would be ideal, as in the event of a hostile situation the individuals could be tracked if they were separated from their convoys. The GPS technology on the convoy would relay the position back to a central communications hub. This hub would have access to intelligence, potential risk and help crisis management in order to avoid conflict situations. The intelligence available at the central hub would be able to advise the convoy of directions to their destination, but also if any potential conflict was up ahead. This would enable the convoy / fleet to adjust their course and find a different route to their destination. The potential dangers with convoys include theft of commodities, but probably more important is loss of human life. This is why convoy tracking is so important, especially in remote and hostile situations and environments. The cost of a convoy tracking solution should be measured against the cost of what is being transported. Not only in terms of the goods involved but also the number of human lives that it could potentially save. When you look at it from this angle there is really no excuse for not putting the technology in place. Convoy Tracking helps with Crisis Management and it can help to save lives.About the Author:

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