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B and P Hand Trucks - Make Delivery Easy

B and P Hand Trucks - Make Delivery Easy There are many reasons why B and P hand trucks are the primary choice of delivery personnel everywhere. They are designed and constructed to deliver reliable performance and durability and the manufacturer backs up that claim with a warranty.The Liberator line of two wheel trucks has a modular design that can be completely customized to fit any size user for maximum comfort. Thousands of...more

Clipper Hand Trucks - Work Smart, Not Hard

Clipper Hand Trucks - Work Smart, Not Hard Clipper has been making high quality hand trucks, carts and other material lifting equipment since 1969. They have a simple goal and it is to make your life easier by helping you move heavy or cumbersome objects with ease. The key is to work smart not hard.Clipper stand completely behind it material lifting products and some even boast a lifetime warranty. You will not find that on many others!...more

Tips On Finding Low Cost Auto Insurance Coverage In Florida

One of the most expensive aspects of owning a car is paying for car insurance. The cost of an average policy varies from state to state, with the average annual cost of insurance in Florida coming out to around $1,700 per driver. This is a huge expense for many people, but one that is not strictly necessary. By becoming a more informed shopper, you can find cheap auto insurance in Florida that will cover your liability in case of an accident and ensure that you are in compliance with the law.When shopping for the least expensive policy possible, it is important to be familiar with the coverage minimums that are dictated by the state. The minimum coverage required in Florida is actually quite low when compared to that which is required of drivers in some other states in the union. This is one reason why cheap auto insurance in Florida is so readily available. Drivers here must have a policy that will cover them for $10,000 in personal injury costs that stem from a car accident and $10,000 in property damage. Opting for this coverage will mean that you will be responsible for paying for any repairs to your own car that stem from an accident, as well as most of your medical bills....more

Six Bad Postures Make You Sad And The Lung Injury

Six Bad Postures Make you Sad and the Lung InjuryChild, parents are always reminding us to erect, upright posture do not, will bring many health benefits. Boston University Professor Kai Lunya Jacobs said, improper posture will tighten the muscles and joints, people soon tired. Recently, the latest issue of the United States, "Women's Home...more

Harper Hand Trucks - Move Things Safely

Harper Hand Trucks - Move Things Safely Harper hand trucks are known for their safety, quality and innovation. They have been manufacturing since 1940. They started out as a small metal fabricator and worked hard to prove themselves by creating only the absolute best products at the best prices. Their proven track record has turned them into...more

Milwaukee Hand Trucks - Buy American

Milwaukee Hand Trucks - Buy American Milwaukee hand trucks have been in production for over 60 years. They are produced right here in the United States in Indiana and Illinois with only the highest quality materials and best craftsmanship. They make moving heavy objects and other materials easy with their full line of material handling equipment.They offer every type of hand truck that you could ever need, with load ratings starting in under 400 pounds and some models boasting over 600 pounds of strength. There are regular trucks, appliance trucks and even convertible Hand trucks.Not every hand cart is the same and at Milwaukee they give you plenty of choices. Here are some of the choices that you can expect.Handle styles - There is the P-Handle, the D - handle, the FlowBack handle, a dual handle, a twin pin handle, a single pin handle, a pigtail handle and a dual loop handle.Frame construction - There are steel frame, aluminum frame and nylon frame versions available.Wheel styles - You can choose from solid rubber, pneumatic, semi pneumatic, cast iron, and cast aluminum. You also have your choice of heavy duty ball or roller bearings.Removable accessories - Do not for get...more

Magliner Hand Trucks - Over 50 Years They Get It Right

Magliner Hand Trucks - Over 50 Years They Get It Right Magliner has been helping people move heavy objects faster and smarter since 1947. With over 50 years of experience across a wide range of industries, Magliner knows the ins and outs of...more

Lift Tables and Trucks- Easy & Efficient to Lift Heavy weights

Lift Tables and Trucks- Easy & Efficient to Lift Heavy weights Lift tables are specifically designed to make work easier and more efficient. Items can be taken to elevated positions without stressing with the help of this equipment's...more

Drum Trucks - Move Those Heavy Barrels

Drum Trucks - Move Those Heavy Barrels If you work in or are part of a warehouse then chances are you have come across fifty five gallon drums. They are commonly used for transporting many different liquid materials for oil products to...more

Convertible Hand Trucks - Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Convertible Hand Trucks - Kill Two Birds With One Stone Everyone is looking for great deals and products with more value. It is no different in the material handling business. Every business owner wants to save some money and make their...more

Mobile Cranes and Counter Balance Lift Trucks – Distinct Features

Mobile Cranes and Counter Balance Lift Trucks – Distinct Features Various equipments and devices have come into existence, nowadays, in order to reduce the stress of the workers that they experience while performing the heavy tasks in an...more

Automotive Manufacturing: Machine Tool Application Tool Case Study - Machine Tools - Machinery

In recent years, Great Wall cars Engine Works by world-renowned Machine tool Manufacturers high-speed, efficient processing center set up three production lines flexible machining, cutting tool manufacturers with world-renowned American Kennametal...more
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