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2009 China International Auto Parts Expo - Auto Parts - Filtration And Separation Industry

Start time: 2009-09-24 End time: 2009-09-26 Venue: Beijing International Exhibition Center Contact: Qiao Peizhen Contact Phone: 021-51696991 Sponsored by: The People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce, China General Technology Group Sponsor: Beijing New Capital Trade International Exhibition Co., Ltd.Exhibition Overview : Chinese Ministry of Commerce held the only national and international after-market auto parts exhibition, trade,...more

2008's Most Popular Cats

Author: Samantha Markham Cats are becoming evermore diverse. They now come in a variety of weird and wonderful shapes, sizes and colors. But which domesticated cats were the most popular family pets of 2008. Here are the top ten: 10. Oriental Cat Extremely similar to the Siamese, the Oriental has a more diverse range of colors and patterns, but has the same temperament and body structure as the Siamese. Therefore, like the Siamese, its popularity...more

2005 Hybrid Automobile Models Are The best

2005 Hybrid Automobile Models Are The best In 2004, some 80,000 hybrid vehicles (cars and trucks included) were sold, reaching a some 17 million USD in total sales, within the US alone. In 2005, about 200,000 hybrids cars, with diverse models, were sold. This singular sale represented the total of 1.2 percent of all cars sold in the US, inside the identical year. Some authorities believe that that by 2007, some 400,000 hybrid vehicles will probably be sold within the US.The Toyota Prius, having said that, rules supreme over other hybrid car models. With 107,897 units sold for the year 2005, which represented 52% of the total hybrid marketplace, Toyota Prius is currently unbeatable. The next most preferred hybrid was the Honda Civic Hybrid, which sold over 25,000 vehicles.Here's a take a look at distinct models of hybrid cars2005 Honda Civic Hybrid. This is a 4 door/5 seat sedan, with automatic or manual CVT for its transmission. MPG is 47city/ 48 hwy, while the range per fillup is 650 miles. Base on 2005 pricing, this model is worth $19,800 per unit in the US. This model boasts of such features as full climate control, a Micron air filtration, and built with an...more

2 Scrumptious & Easy To Make Fudge Pie

Fudge is a very versatile dessert and you could have it in so many variations and ways. One of them would be the fudge pies. The pies are a mixture of really creamy fudge and a brownie. So if you're a lover of both, then you'd appreciate this dessert.I have 2 recipes below that I've already tested out and tried with my family and...more

2 Recommended Auto Coverage For Your Leased Vehicles

Since insuring leased cars involved a great amount of risk due to unexpected occurrence within the leasing period, here are some of the recommended insurance coverage that offer considerable protection namely: Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) and Physical damage coverage (Comp and Coll).Leased vehicles are assets paid or rented for the services...more

2 Keys To "Manual Surf Traffic Exchange" Success

Author: Chuck LangdonDo you use Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges to drive traffic to your websites or affiliate links?In case if you are a new internet marketer and do not know what is a Manual Surf Traffic Exchange, here is a short explanation:"Manual Surf Traffic Exchange is a online service, where members can show their websites to other members, by viewing (surfing) other members websites."This is a very easy way to receive traffic, especially if you have limited budget, but have time to view other websites. And if you don't want to pay your time, you can purchase traffic directly from traffic exchange programs.However, you should know that these type of traffic is "ineffective" traffic. Ineffective means the conversion rate of your product or service from traffic exchanges will be lower than other highly targeted traffic sources like PPC visitors.Note, this does not mean using traffic exchange is not profitable. This is because the cost of each traffic exchange hit is greatly cheaper than other traffic sources.And if you do it right, the ROI (Return On Investment) will be positive.Many marketers claim that Manual Surf Traffic Exchange is not useful. They are completely wrong...more

2 Important Tips That Will Improve Your Sprinting Technique and Prevent Injuries

2 Important Tips That Will Improve Your Sprinting Technique and Prevent Injuries Would you be interested in running faster and consistent times throughout the year? Have you been wondering why you have not been running as fast as you ought?...more


2.8 MILLION RENOVATION OF HOLMAN AUTOMOTIVE'S BY MILLER CONSTRUCTIONFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Miller Construction Company has completed the expansion and renovation of the Audi Pembroke Pines dealership in a $2.8 million project for owner...more

1st Car Insurance - Look For More Details

Nowadays, it has become necessary for many of us to have a new car. However, when the new car which you have bought meets with some accident or is stolen or some parts of the car are being damaged while coming back to home from the...more

1985 Chevy Trucks For Sale

1985 Chevy Trucks For Sale Truck enthusiasts in the market for a used truck often find themselves shopping 1985 Chevy trucks for sale. It's hardly a surprise. The 1980s was a great decade for truck lovers, and there are plenty of amazing...more

15 Worst Car Modifications, Bad Upgrades & Auto Accessories

There have always been those among us car enthusiasts who take the design of every vehicle they own to it"s very edge of speed, handling and style. In certain circles of Asian-Americans, it"s ultra-cool to get a Japanese import that looks totally...more

15 Tips on How Successful People Set & Achieve Goals

Author: Matthew TooneSuccess has never been achieved based solely upon talent, circumstance, brains, or even courage. It is obtained when specific goals are combined with an organized plan, commitment to that plan is combined with a belief that it is...more
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