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Savings Tips To Save You Time And Money

So why is there such a lack of a savings culture in South Africa

? Firstly, it can be attributed to the high administration costs of having a savings account as well as very low savings returns. Those who want to establish a secure savings plan should consider a bank that offers the highest interest rates and the lowest fees. Those two factors are the cornerstones when considering which bank you choose to open a bank savings account.

A bank savings accountis perfect for those who want to put aside a small sum of money monthly. Generally, one has to have kept a stipulated amount of money at all times in the savings account (this is in order to earn interest and keep your account open). Savings accounts are flexible in that while you do need to maintain a certain amount, you still have access to your funds at all times to draw money from it should the need arise.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on making the most of your savings options by way of a beneficial savings plan to start building a foundation for your future:

Keep in mind that it is always cheaper to conduct any banking business by card rather than in cash. It is also a lot better for your personal safety not to walk around with large (and even small) sums of cash.

Try to plan your withdrawals and avoid making lots of smaller ATM transactions (every withdrawal made comes hand-in-hand with a fee). You could also use your debit cards at retailers to withdraw cash rather than go to the ATM.

Categorise your expenses into nice-to-haves and need-to-haves and avoid compulsive purchases that you may regret at a later stage.

Keep a budget (and stick to it!) where you are aware of all your monthly spending. This will make you more aware of where your money is being spent and areas in which you could potentially cut down.

Always go over your bank statements and stay aware of the bank charges you are paying to ensure that your account is the suited to your needs.

by: Emma Drummond

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