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Real Estate Investing On Steroids: How To Close More Deals

A constant flow of deals must be maintained to have a successful real estate investing business

. But the more deals you have coming in, the more work you create and the more overwhelmed you are likely to get.

To maintain a good number of deals that you close, it is therefore necessary to work smart.

In this article, we look at some critical areas that can help you achieve this goal.


Life can get pretty hectic if your phone is ringing off the hook and you still have other business to attend to. All the leads generated by your marketing must be directed to a phone number answered by an answering service, a virtual assistant or voice mail.

In other words you must handle marketing call s separately from other calls. You end up increasing efficiency and conversion.

In my business, motivated sellers must be motivated enough to leave a voice message. A virtual assistant then calls them and pre-screens them for me and submits their information on my real estate investor website.


Lots of real estate investors micro-manage everything in their business. A day has only 24 hours in which you can only do so much.

Let professionals handle different parts of your business and everything will flow faster and more efficiently.

These professionals are not your employees, but they handle different parts of your business. For instant, your title company or real estate attorney can handle title search work for you.


This can be expensive if not handled right. For the last few years, I have been able to hire people that only get paid for the work they do without maintaining an office physically.

A virtual assistant pre-screens motivated sellers for me. She also handles some paperwork and some errands for me. She invoices me for the hours she has worked for me every week.

She is not my full-time employee, bus she is able to do a lot for me as demand arises and takes a lot of work off my shoulders.

Running a simple employment ad on Craigslist can get you over 100 applicants for such tasks.

4)Direct mail

This is another area that leaves most people overwhelmed. In my business, I order my post cards online from or Vistaprint is also a good source.

I usually get 5000 post cards for $300 to $350. You can do a lot of marketing with these. Of course you can buy more if necessary.

I then print mailing labels using mail merge on Microsoft word and excel. This process takes about 20 minutes of my time every week.

I then hire kids to stick the labels and stamps to the post cards, and I drop off the mail at the post office myself. this way I can manage when my mail goes out.

If you send letters, you might need more help to make things easy and cheap. I bought mail processing equipment cheaply that makes my work easy.


You must have a real estate investor website that automates most tasks of your real estate investing business. The website tells your story for you before they every pick up the phone, increases conversion and delivers leads that are already pre-screened for you.

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