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The Personal Finance Course at Granton Tech will give you the skill set youll use in a plethora of jobs

. If you feel comfortable working with numbers or helping and advising others, take the Personal Finance Course at Granton Tech.

Youll learn the basics of general insurance and life insurance, equipping you to work for an insurance company. Youll have a good understanding of the insurance industry terminology.

If you prefer a different career path, Personal Finance at Granton Tech will teach you Consumer Credit and Loans, Credit, Debit, Saving and Investing, which will position you nicely for a job in banking. The banks branches service consumers. Your day will consist of helping the banks customers balance their checkbook or discuss loan options, including home mortgages, home equity loans or borrowing for a new car or boat.

Youll have the knowledge to advise the customer, both from the banks product offerings and what is best for the customer. Youll learn Financial Planning, which will help your customer determine an affordable monthly payment.

Personal Finance at Granton Tech will help you advise clients on saving and investing. You may find you prefer working as a financial planner. This course will cover Mutual Funds and Other Investments, Financial Planning, Stocks and Debt Securities, and Economic Risk and Financial Securities.

As a financial planner, youll provide your clients with advice covering saving for a childs education, saving for retirement and the smartest and safest investment options. If your client is nearing retirement or is preparing for retirement, youll know the older a person is, the less risk he can afford.

Youll also learn about Wills and Power of Attorney which you can use as a financial planner or it may lead you to a legal practice working for an attorney.

Your training in Personal Finance at Granton Tech will give you a basic understanding of Personal Income Tax. Youll use this information to advise your client on managing tax obligations and the type of investing or borrowing that will provide the optimal tax obligation.

You may want to take the Personal Finance Course at Granton Tech to help your family. After studying the various aspects of the consumers debt and investments as well as tax obligation, youll find yourself managing your own personal funds better. Youll benefit personally for your budgeting or saving for a childs education.

The wide variety of topics covered in the Personal Finance Course at Grant Tech will provide you with the skill-set needed for a variety of employment options.

by: Granton Tech
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