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Need An Organizer For Bills? Find One With A Financial Checklist

In a world where people are constantly on the go

, there's not much time to sit down and determine the best organizer for bills. The problem is that without a bill organizer, life is harder. And for the crazed stay-at-home parent, the overly ambitious student and the always-traveling high-level executive, life can't get harder. It needs to get easier.

To save the day, here is the ultimate financial clutter checklist. Take advantage of the ideas on this checklist to reduce your financial clutter and to find a truly helpful bill pay organizer.

Track, track, track. Track accounts. Some of us only have a few to keep track of but others have several such as credit cards, mortgages, banks, utilities, rewards programs, newspaper and magazine subscriptions and cell phones and keeping track of them is important. One way to do this is to list all of them on a spreadsheet online. That way, there is always a digital version of the document on file, and all of the accounts are in one place.

Go as paperless as possible. By going paperless, you'll reduce the paper clutter on your desk. Everything from bill pay to getting account documents to getting reminders can now be done online, so why even bother with paper? Many companies like credit card companies and banks encourage customers to go paperless and make it easy to do. Usually, with a click of the mouse, customers can turn off paper mail right on the provider's website. They make it too easy not to do it.

Sit down, set a realistic budget and stick to it. Believe it or not, studies show that more than 60 percent of Americans have trouble setting and following a budget. But, setting a realistic budget is one of the most essential factors in having an organizer for bills that works. One way to set up your budget is to figure out what bills are necessities such as rent, the utilities bills, etc. Then add in other monthly bills (e.g., cell phone, transportation, savings, etc.). After you've added up all of these bills, take that total away from the total money coming in each month. The difference is how much money there is to spend on everything else (e.g., food, clothes, etc.). If you have more bills than money, you'll need to see where you can make cuts such as eliminating magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

Stick to the budget. Setting a budget is easy, but sticking to it is where the challenge comes in. Most people have trouble sticking to a budget because it's easier not to pay attention, or because they're too busy to think about it. For people always on the go, spending $10 on dinner is sometimes easier and more convenient than buying groceries for the same price and getting multiple meals out of them. One way to avoid straying from a budget is to plan, plan and plan. For example, some people buy groceries on Sunday and cook for the week. Dishes like casseroles freeze well and are easy to pop in the microwave after a busy day.

Overall, maintaining any sort of organizer for bills, whether it's a checklist or other system, is worth it to ensure that Americans stay financially responsible, feel safe and secure with their money and continue on with their busy lives happy and stress free.

by: Steward Gearlds
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Need An Organizer For Bills? Find One With A Financial Checklist