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Make Life Less Stressful Proper Personal Finance Management

Maintaining your personal financial situation is a difficult and sometimes confusing process

. Keeping thorough records of what you are spending your money on can help you avoid financial difficulties down the road. Online banking can make it easier to track your funds, but you still must make an effort to track it manually.It's never too late to put your finances in order. If you do this, you will be prepared more than if you had never done it at all. Just starting is already a good step for personal finance.

Try purchasing store brand groceries. Typically, the store brand groceries are extremely similar to the name brand groceries that are much more expensive. They often contain very similar ingredients but the fillers, fragrances and packaging may vary. Don't shy away from these foods because they don't have marketing muscle behind them. Giving them a try could save you 15% on your grocery bill.One way to save money and enhance your personal finances is to cook at home, in place of eating in restaurants. You can make a great four person family meal for around $30. Calling the pizza delivery guy and adding on your favorite soda will typically take more out of your wallet than this.You may not be happy with your employment situation or your income, but some money coming in is better than none. In this situation, many people are tempted to bail out in search of a position that pays more.

Nonetheless, it is in your best interest to postpone this move until you have secured another job.You need to assess the balance in your portfolio each year. Re-balancing your portfolio helps realign your investments as well as your goals and risk tolerance. You can also have an opportunity to sell your stocks high and buy some low.Use tax planning to help you improve your finances. Think about opportunities for investments that your employer provides for investing your pre-tax income into qualified plans. You may also have the chance to set aside pre-tax dollars to use for medical expenses. Also, make sure you take full advantage of your employer's 401K matching program, if available. It makes a lot of financial sense if you use the money you get in a smart way.Always have a small envelope on your person. Use it to preserve any receipts or business cards you receive.

Saving these will provide you with a record of items purchased. You might need these receipts later to compare against your credit card's monthly statements in case a double charge or other error shows up.Always have money in your savings account in case of an emergency. Depending on your situation, you may choose to save in order to get out of debt or for a future expense.By keeping track of where your money is going, you have a better chance at avoiding overdraft charges from your bank or money troubles when something comes up. Improve your situation by keeping an eye on your finances, rather than relying on your bank to do so

by: William WL Tan
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