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Investing In Pancard Clubs Limited

Lately I've been travelling a lot and coz of it I hardly find time for anything apart from work

. Even travelling is a part of my work coz being in a sales field I'm bond to meet clients and generate revenue for my company. I hate to travel but that can never be an excuse coz of my job profiles. Off late coz of my work schedule I have not been able to spend any time with my family. There have been instances when I come back home my family plan for holidays which I hate coz I want to spend some time home.

I never thought about their feelings. They are always confined to home and they need some time out where in they can chill and enjoy their time. It was when I thought of investing in some investment scheme. I was suggested by few of my friends to invest in Magic Holidays. It's a holiday scheme from Panoramic Universal Limited (PUL) famous for its MD, Sudhir Moravekar. I came to know more about him when I searched online for his information. I still remember the day when I was in United-21 for a sales meeting with my clients. It was then I came to know first about PUL. The brand United-21 is owned and managed by Panoramic Universal Limited. At that time there were hardly any hotels under that brand but today they have hotels and resorts situated across India.

It was then I came across Pancard clubs limited, a company under PUL who runs an investment scheme where the members are given an option to choose accommodation in any of the hotels under PUL in India. This scheme was something new for me and I was stunned when I came to know that this scheme was more than a decade old. It would have been a terrific idea by Sudhir Moravekar to initiate such a scheme where he can use the entire members fund by providing them future accommodations in his hotel free of cost.

This scheme had its negative impact as well when it got in to a rumor about being a scam investment scheme. It was when the company and the investment scheme was growing heaps and bound. The rumor was about the company being a fraud one created just to collect money. It took some time for them to realize that the scheme was not a fraud one but a good one which could have made your holidays much cheaper.

I changed my plan and decided to invest in Pancard Clubsinstead of Magic Holidays as it gave me an option to earn returns from my investment as well as utilizing accommodations in their hotels and resorts. So now I make sure that I book the accommodations for my family even if I can't make it for any particular outing. I can't be relieved enough that I don't have to worry about their accommodations as it provided by one of the best in the industries.

by: Adrian Gowels
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