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The wonders of the Belize Retirement Program

We are at the most technologically advanced times of the century. With new technologies and innovations created and improved each day, life has never been so fast. So is the rapid loss and destruction of our natural habitat, with the thinning and increasing size of the holes in the ozone layer. Where would a retiree go and have peace of mind, where the majestic surroundings are still intact and the breathtaking scenery is taken care...more

Lakeway Attorney - Finding a Lawyer for Your Needs

When a person finds themselves in need of legal counsel, what is the first thing they should do? The answer to that question is quite simple. Do some homework! If you need a lawyer for a specific reason don't just open the phone book and pick one out at random. Start by asking a relative or a friend with whom you trust. Someone who may have dealt with the same type of legal matter. Make a list of the names of attorneys they...more

Retirement planning

Retirement planning requires wise investment of a nest egg during your working life in order to live comfortably during retirement.A survey published by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling in April 2009 indicates that a third of the Americans surveyed had not saved anything in the past year for retirement. The survey also found that while spending had reduced against the backdrop of the global financial crisis of 2008, about 45% of the people surveyed considered their thrift behavior as temporary and planned to revert to their old spending habits once the economy improved. Almost a third of US citizens do not plan for retirement and enter their retired life with little or no wealth. However, it is very important to begin retirement planning early. Retirement planning takes into account:1 - Inflation: As inflation can erode the value of money, it is important that your retirement investment is planned to make the returns inflation proof. 2-  Greater life expectancy: Life expectancy has risen globally, resulting in an increase in the number of years post retirement. 3 -  Medical emergencies: Unexpected medical events warrant the need for more money. A- ...more

Think Ahead: Jump Starting on Retirement - Part 2

Welcome to the second article of my series. This article is about paying yourself first. You could probably find hundreds of articles on the internet about this very topic. It is a common theory used by many financial advisors. It is an important theory that is worth discussing.The reasons for paying yourself first are easy to figure...more

Establishing Paternity with a Denver Paternity Lawyer

The establishment of paternity is vitally important when it comes to issues like insurance, child support, the claiming of assets, etc.  At any point, a child, mother, or father can ask for a determination about one of the child's parents.  If so, then a lawsuit can be brought to court.  If so, a Denver paternity lawyer will...more

When One Should Consider Oil And Gas Investing

Investors always want to know what the odds of losing their capital will be. Investors want to know when they will begin making money after sending funds to participate in any investment offering. This is the development time risk. Three, Investors want to know how good the profit structure is, or more specifically, how much money will they make during the life of the investment? I would add a fourth and fifth concern which would be what tax write-offs are there, and finally, what liquidity is there going to be in the investment, or in other words...what's the exit strategy, if any?Risk is of primary concern to anyone who is expecting to make money, and the deciding of who with, and where to invest hard earned money are the key questions. Upside, downside, and everything else in between are all factors when an intelligent investor analyses any investment, and determines how much, or little to choose to invest. There are many types of risk...I would like to list some of them based on my own experience, considerable research done during the past 24 years, and based on some failures I've also had over the years.There is a people risk...finding the right people...more

Planning For Your Retirement Abroad

A growing number of international citizens are contemplating the concept of taking early retirement, escaping the hectic monotony of the daily grind and retiring abroad in a low cost location to make the most of their retirement...more

Massachusetts Larceny Charge Insufficient Evidence Surveillance Videotape Lawyers Attorneys

COMMONWEALTH vs. TONY AUDETAPPEALS COURT OF MASSACHUSETTSJuly 6, 2010, EnteredRepresented by new counsel on appeal, the defendant claims that there was insufficient evidence to sustain his conviction; the judge committed reversible...more

Circumstances When You Need and IRS Tax Lawyer

Circumstances When You Need and IRS Tax LawyerFor those who have tax difficulties, the mind-boggling problems can abandon perhaps the most intelligent tax payer within a hopeless situation. A tax attorney that specializes in IRS tax...more

IRS Tax Debt Settlement Lawyers to Help You

IRS Tax Debt Settlement Lawyers to Help YouYou'll find so many customized businesses in providing lawful rendering however you need to select one that's trustworthy as well as with expertise in the area. They are going to put...more

The IRS, Tax Lawyer, and You

The IRS, Tax Lawyer, and YouNearly all people know that old saying concerning the guarantee associated with death and taxes however, many are not able to realize that tax laws are changing regularly. It's not difficult to have...more

When Hiring a Tax Lawyer

When Hiring a Tax LawyerIn the event of the very terrible conditions to a tax payer, the audit, and a tax lawyer is actually really worth their expenses.Defending your civil privileges as a tax payer or company is always of excellent...more
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