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Help with debt in Leicester

Help with debt in Leicester

If you live in Leicester and you have a debt problem, it will be comforting to know that in hour town you have an expert firm that has legally qualified staff ready and willing to help you overcome your debt issues.

Our principle is a fully qualified solicitor, but now non practising, who has practiced his whole career in the city being a partner in a number of firms. In the last few years he has set out on a journey to bring affordable debt solutions to people who need help the most.

It can be crippling emotionally to be in a debt circle that you can see no way out of. Being in debt affects your health and family life. It can lead to drink and drug problems which far from making things better actually make them worse.

There can seem no way out of the spiral of misery created by debt built up in good faith on store cards, credit cards and personal loans. If however you live in Leicester you can call the Help With Debt free helpline on 0808 160 5577 and speak to a trained advisor.

We will be able to help you decide how best to deal with the debts that you have and also the calls that you may be receiving from debt collection agencies.

We can arrange personal visits of required although the vast majority of our clients from Leicester and around the country seem happy to deal with matters by email and post.

You will find that we are able to help put in place debt management plans, IVA's and also provide a very helpful and popular bankruptcy walk through service. For this service we complete all your forms, we attend at court with you to process the paperwork and we attend with you in case you are required to go before the District Judge. We have handled many such bankruptcies in Leicester and so you are in professional hands.

If you live in Leicester or any of its suburbs please call us without any charge and listen to our free advice. A debt solution will only be a call away.

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