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2010 Health Savings Account Contribution Limits The U.S. Treasury and IRS have already announced what the maximum contributions will be for Health Savings Accounts in 2010. Individuals may contribute up to $3,050 in 2010 and families may contribute up to $6,150 per year. Also, individuals aged 55 or older can contribute $1,000 as a catch-up contribution. The money that Health Savings Account or HSA participants contribute to their Health Savings Accounts is tax-deductible from their annual...more
The Fha Loan Modification Can Save You Nowadays, bankruptcy is not your last resort. This is because there are now several programs available to help you and one of these is the FHA loan modification being given out by the Federal Housing Administration. This group of people run several programs in order to promote home ownership. Aside from helping out with loans, they also help homeowners purchase their homes through mortgages.The help this organization gives out is a guarantee that...more
3 Main Benefits Of Home Mortgage Modification As the name implies, a mortgage modification is the alteration of an existing home loan. It means a permanent change in one or more terms of a mortgage loan. The modifications can include a reduction in the interest rate or an extension in the time given to pay back the mortgagor. Many people believe that thehome mortgage modification process is not for them since they will have to deal with the bank again--possibly the same bank that has been harassing them for defaulted payments or threatening foreclosure--but it has many advantages that are worth considering.Say, for example, Mr. John Doe has just taken a cut in pay. After checking his new financial situation, he realizes that he has no way to remain current on his mortgage. Perhaps he has even missed a payment or two and now has late fees and penalties to deal with as well as the monthly mortgage payment itself. He could attempt to sell, but in today's economy that could easily take months and there is every possibility that he will take a loss. Even if he does manage to sell, he is then left needing a place to live. He is in a bad situation. Using a home loan modification, Mr. Doe may be able to lower his monthly payments...more
Can Debt Consolidation Help Me? Start 2010 off the Right Way. Are you slowly sinking deeper into higher debt year after year? Now is the right time to start getting your finances under control. Start the year off debt consolidation and your monthly expenses could be reduced as much as 90%. There is no need for you to continue suffering when there is help available right now. You don't have to carry the overwhelming weight...more
Alternative Minimum Tax (amt) Part 1 - What Is It And Could It Affect How Much You Pay In Taxes? Are you affected by the alternative minimum tax? Or worried you might be? You have reason to be concerned. Few of the government's changes to the tax system have had a more adverse effect or have caused as much anger and frustration as the alternative minimum tax (AMT). But you don't have to be at its mercy. Read on for a few action steps you can take to reduce your chances of getting...more
Alternative Minimum Tax (amt) Part 2 - What You Can Do To Reduce Its Impact On You And Your Taxes Did your tax bill go up dramatically this year, courtesy of the alternative minimum tax (AMT)? You're not alone. Every year, this happens to more and more people. That's because the single exemption allowed in the AMT has not kept pace with inflation. Read on for some things you can do to reduce the negative effects of this tax for next year's tax bill.First of all, you need to be prepared for a lot of extra paperwork if you want any chance at avoiding or minimizing the AMT. Here are some of the actions you can take to keep more of your hard-earned money:1. Time Your Income and Your DeductionsAnalyze your possible deductions and whatever income where you might be able to adjust the timing (for example selling stocks and exercising options) in order to avoid becoming subject to the ATM. You'll need to check the numbers throughout the tax year as you aim for the best possible combination of income and deductions that will enable you to remain within the traditional, i.e., the non-AMT, tax system. One "quick and easy" way to help you avoid the AMT is to aim for keeping your actual tax bracket above 28%.2. Move to Nevada, Texas, or FloridaSince state taxes are a...more
Planning For College, Part 1 - The Most Common Error Parents Make (not Quite What You Think It Is) How will you pay for your children's college education? The price tag has been rising year after year, making it more and more challenging to come up with the funds. And the kinds of planning mistakes most people make in the process don't help. Read on for the most common mistake --...more
Gold Is The Best Investment For 2010! Never put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is the name of the game when you construct your investment portfolio. You need to diversify your investment into different assets!Diversification ensures that all your eggs don't go down together. When you diversify your assets into...more
Planning For College Part 2 - Learn The Secret Rules Of The College Funding Game Are your children headed for college and you're still wondering how to pay for it? Here's one key aspect in the planning process you've probably not heard about yet: You need to learn the rules of the college funding game. They go far beyond "saving up" for it.Here's what you...more
Surrender To The Miracle - To Your Financial Miracle Several years ago, I was having a particularly stressful day. My mother had recently passed away and I missed her physical presence terribly. On top of all that, bills were starting to pile up, and I was beginning to wonder if the struggle would ever end. And then, someone called out of the blue and...more
Instant Cash Loans For The Holidays In today's economy, many consumers find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, and experiencing a shortage of available funds. With Christmas quickly approaching, it is very helpful to know that you can apply for a fast cash payday loan.With Christmas around the corner, it is fortunate that...more
Breakout Trading Vs Rally Trading- Knowing The Difference! Are you a rally trader? have you ever thought of breakout trading when the downtrend reverses itself and becomes an uptrend or the other way around when the uptrend reverses and converts into a downtrend. Rally trading has limited profit potential. Breakout if identified at the right time can be...more
The Good Thing About Movie Reviews Having an opportunity to watch a movie is indeed pleasurable. If you havent try watching any movie I bet you are one of those native people who are not yet open for the luxury that technology offers.Movies can sometimes have a nice or an awful story. There would be chances that you will regret...more
Make Quick Commodity Gains In A Slow-moving Market As we begin 2010 and look forward to the year ahead, its important to know just how important commodities will be to any type of recovery. What types of commodities are hotwhich ones are being boughtwhich ones are selling well (and which ones arent)which ones have the best value Investors would be...more
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