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Experience While Investing In Pancard Club Timeshare Concept

I had many memorable outings with my family and friends

. It all started with investing in Pancard club investment scheme. The scheme from Panoramic Universal Ltd. literally changed the way we went for outings. Earlier for us outing meant just to visit some relatives place, stay there and enjoy roaming in their area. Even that was fun but since when we started outing with Pancard club investment scheme, life has taken a completely new path. Because of them we were not depended on anything, we have all the rooms to ourselves and the flexibility to enjoy outside as long as we want.

I still remember the time when I was approached for investing in the scheme. For me it was a new thing, as I had never heard about such investment before. I was approached by a friend of my colleague was acting as an agent of Panoramic Universal Ltd. After hearing his sales pitch I decided to think again on the investment thing before giving him a final reply. I asked him for a week or so to decide upon the investment. I asked my family and all my friends about the investment. Some of my office colleague advised me against investing in the scheme. The reason they gave me was that they heard someone had some bad experience with the company. I was not satisfied with the reply I got from him. He even said that there were some members who were terming the company as fraud and the whole investment thing as scam. After hearing this I was a bit scared of investing the amount in the scheme.

I decided against investing in the scheme. A week later the agent called me up and asked about my decision. I stumbled first but I replied I still need some things to be cleared so invited him to my house to discuss those things. He willingly agreed and came to my house. Initially I kept on asking the same stuff that I already knew. As I got comfortable I popped the question about the company"s market value. The reply was as accepted, everything positive. So I asked him clearly about the news which I heard about Panoramic Universal being a fraud company and cheating people with their investment scam. I didn"t notice any changes in his face. He was calm and was sipping his coffee without any expression on his face. After hearing my query he replied in very simple language, that if you don"t read the offer documents before investing you are bound to be unhappy with the company.

He said it"s up to the customer to read the offer documents before investing in any scheme. Only if you agree to the terms and conditions you go for the investment. The members who are crying foul or terming the company as a fraudulent company, they have themselves to blame coz they didn"t read the documents before investing. I found the explanation very satisfying, if there were some points in the terms and conditions which I didn"t liked then I wouldn"t go for the investment. For me there were some points which was not so appealing but there were some points which negated all the other points.

Since I invested in the Pancard club investment scheme I"ve been enjoying all my accommodation rights without any issues.

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Experience While Investing In Pancard Club Timeshare Concept Washington