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Car Finance For First-time Car Buyers

Getting a brand new car is definitely a huge step

. It is said that after a house, a vehicle is the second most expensive investment you'll make. You should be aware of how to secure a car finance solution to make the process easier.

Most lenders providing car finance solutions use three Cs to judge your application. Knowing this will enhance your chances of successfully obtaining a loan. The three Cs are listed below.


This is the automobile under consideration for the car loan. Most lenders have policies and guidelines regarding just how much they can and are ready to lend you for the vehicle. For example, one firm may give you more if you are getting a certain make from an automaker.


Lending institutions use this term to make reference to your capability to repay the debt. Some of the things they take into account include the period of your employment, gross monthly or annual income, plus your current debt and assets. This plus the subsequent parameter are basically a lifestyle check to find out if you are deserving of a loan.

Most firms will give a loan only to people who are working for a present employer for a year and up. You strengthen your chances of obtaining financing if you've got a stable income and get pay by the hour. Self-employment generally makes it a little more challenging to get one. The figure they'll use for gross monthly income usually ranges from $1500 to $2500.

Note that lenders might also calculate for the debt to income ratio before accepting your application for a car finance solution. To do this, they divide the amount of your monthly liabilities and obligations (including rent, insurance, and utilities, amongst others) by your gross monthly income. The ratio needs to be in the range of 30% for conservative loans and up to 65% for aggressive loans.


This is the term for your credit history and it is the most significant determinant in the approval of your loan. Lenders usually dig into every facet of your credit score. They evaluate everything from your payment history on revolving and installment accounts, to your tax obligations, along with a range of various other factors.

It helps to perform a preliminary breakdown of your credit score. You are entitled to a complimentary copy of this once a year from the three national consumer-reporting companies. The three companies are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You can request a copy by visiting a central website, calling a toll-free number, or via a mailing address - all totally free.

Calculate what you can pay for before being attached to and committing to the automobile. Some lenders offer free auto finance calculator on their sites. All you will need to do is fill out the form with the right information and the automatic system determines what you can afford.

An auto finance calculator is extremely useful, since it will give you a realistic projection of how much you need to pay per month. It will help you understand if the car you are yearning for is out of your league or not. After determining this, you'll be able to determine whether you'll be able to stick to your dream vehicle or start contemplating something a little less pricy.

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