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A Review of the Japanese Watch Industry

Author: ViolaWong

The concept of time has been deeply rooted in peoples mind since the ancient times. Before the invention of clocks and watches, people used some phenomenon to keep record of time. Before watchmaking developed into an industry in Japan, watches were made in various forms. A water clock was created in 671 in the time of the Emperor Tenchi. Later in 1551 the first mechanical clock was introduced, which was the oldest clock to have existed, and it was a given to a feudal lord of Japan as a gift from a Spanish missionary. After this clock, more mechanical clocks followed. This is believed to be the start of clock and watch-making in Japan as an industry. During the Edo Era, many unique ornamental clocks were created. The clocks in this period were truly Japanese because the traditional Japanese time system had been incorporated in these watches. In the Japanese time system, the day was divided into night-time and daytime, and each of these was further divided into six segments. With the development of modern watch making industry, 1868 to 1945 can be regarded as the period of birth and growth. The manufacturing of wall clocks started in 1875, and followed by the production of pocket watches in 1894. In the 1920s, the manufacture of wristwatches was started by the Japanese; and, instead of a necessity, wristwatches became a symbol of fashion and still remain to be so. With high end technology, supreme craftsmanship as well as the finest quality materials, the Japanese watch industry is a brillance in the world luxury watch industry.About the Author:

I'm a watch addict who like to share any information and design towards replica Rolex watches and other replica watches. Hope you can share any thinking and comments towards my original articles.
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A Review of the Japanese Watch Industry