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Would You Purchase The African Mango Diet Pill For Sale?

Would You Purchase The African Mango Diet Pill For Sale


There are different brands of the african mango diet pill for sale in local health stores or online stores. For one reason, the African Mango supplement has gained rapid popularity for the past few years. It has become popular because the pill is said to rid you of the need to eat and has a fat burning effect which will trim your waist down without having to do any rigorous exercises. The supplement may sound new to you but the truth is, this supplement has been around since time could tell.

The African mango capsule is a derivative from the seed of the African mango tree. The African mango tree can only be found growing in the rainforests of Cameroon, West Africa. The fruit of the tree is part of the staple food of the indigenous people of Cameroon. The seed or locally known as the Dika nut' is the prized by the locals because of the variety of medicinal benefits they can get from it. The natives used it to heal almost everything from diarrhea to yellow fever. What's more, the hunters took the seed for centuries in aiding them during their long hunting trips for increased energy and oppose fatigue. The African mango seed looks similar like that of a peanut and when dried, it is used as ingredients for different local cuisines and as a soup thickener when in powdered form.

The scientific name of the African mango is Irvingia gabonensis. The seed has been under study for the past 20 years or so before they put the african mango diet pill for sale. There were multiple studies that were conducted on the Irvingia gabonensis seed extract. One study consisted of 102 overweight but healthy individuals. They were divided into two groups with the first group taking a placebo and the second group the African mango seed extract. Results showed that the group taking the seed extract lost an average of 28.1 pounds in a span of 10 weeks, while the placebo group lost 1.5 lbs. Another study showed astonishing results in a span of more than 4 weeks where the volunteers using the seed extract lost 11.7 pounds. All the clinical study results were achieved without having to change their diet or their form of exercise.

There were other notable results in the studies aside from the loss of weight. Total cholesterol levels were lowered to 39%, waist line was trimmed to about two inches and LDL cholesterol dropped to a whopping 45.6%. How cool is that?

In addition, there were recorded lowered blood glucose levels as well as increased amount of the fat' hormone, Leptin. Leptin is the hormone responsible for sending signals to the brain that there is enough fat in the body. Thus, it suppresses the appetite. There were also noted increase in vitality for the volunteers.

As long as you purchase authentic african mango diet pill for sale in online stores you will experience the appetite suppressing characteristics for a lighter you in the near future.

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Would You Purchase The African Mango Diet Pill For Sale?