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4 Ways You Can Make Quick Money In Next 3 Days

4 Ways You Can Make Quick Money In Next 3 Days

Sometimes you just need to make some make quick money and in this article you will learn how to make quick money in the next 3 days. These methods won't make you an overnight millionaire or will allow you to retire your day job, however if you need quick money for a new iPad, pay car repayments, rent, take your partner to a nice restaurant, or buy some new clothes then these methods will help you do just that.

So what do you want to money for? I want you to focus on why you want to make quick money as this will keep you motivated.

Quick Money Method #1 - You may or may not have heard of an website called, either way what Fiverr allows you to do is post jobs you are willing to do for $5. So for example you might be a great drawer, which you might offer to do a drawing for anyone who is willing to pay $5, or you might take a picture or a landmark in your town for $5. I know this may sound silly however there are hundreds of people on Fiverr everyday posting jobs just like these ones.

The best way to leverage Fiverr to make the most money is to offer something of value, for example there are loads of people with online businesses and many don't want to do simply tasks like write articles, upload videos to Youtube, etc so try and offer tasks or job that will benefit others and you should have plenty of orders.

Quick Money Method #2 - If you have unwanted items in your home or garage them take some photos of them, register at and list your unwanted items for sale or auction. EBay attached millions of visitors to their website every month, it is easy, quick and very cheap to sell your items, in fact eBay won't even change you any fees until your auction is over and have sold something.

Quick Money Method #3 - This method is similar to quick money method 1 however instead of posting jobs just for $5 you can charge a lot more and make a much more reliable income. If you have skills for writing articles, sales copy, editing videos, website design, HTML, website building, coding and programming, etc.

What you can do is register to website like,,,, etc and as other people post jobs they need done and the budget they are willing to spend you can then place your bid on the job, complete the job and then get paid.

Quick Money Method #4 - Use the internet to make lots of money. I am sure you have heard the stories of the 20 year old kids who strike it rich from their dorm room using then internet, well this is very possible. I won't lie to you it won't happen overnight, it is something you need to work at however if you follow the right steps, you can create a very steady income of $100 to $200 per day within a very short period of time.
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