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4 Secrets To Getting Divorced Without Financial Disaster

If you are ending your marriage, you may have heard horror stories about how expensive a Florida divorce can be

. After all, there are court costs and fees and lawyers to pay, not to mention that you may end up having to give up half of your assets and even pay support to your spouse after youve split. While it is certainly possible that a Florida divorce can have a very adverse impact on your finances, this does not have to be the case.

If you want to end your marriage and still have some money left after the divorce process is over, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

1. Choose a Florida no fault divorce.

A no fault divorce is one where you cite irreconcilable differences as the cause of divorce and where no one party is accused of being responsible for causing the marriage to end. If you were to instead choose a fault divorce, it would become your burden to prove in court that the other party had done something wrong, such as committed adultery. Proving this is expensive and largely unnecessary since there is little-to-no benefit from a fault divorce over a no fault divorce. Even if you blame your spouse, keep those accusations to yourself and out of court.

2. Choose an uncontested divorce

There are two ways to divide up marital assets: you and your spouse can do it in an out-of-court agreement (and actually have assets left to divide up) or you can litigate your divorce and spend all of your hard earned money on legal fees, investigation costs and other expenses associated with building a case to present in court. If you are able to come to an out of court agreement, getting the divorce is a much simpler and less expensive matter as you simply show up in court and present your agreement and ask the court to dissolve your marriage- theres no need to fight out of all of your issues for the court to decide.

3. Be reasonable in coming to an agreement with your spouse

While you may both recognize that an uncontested divorce is a better choice, it is going to be possible to come to an agreement on issues of support, custody and asset division only if you are reasonable and you dont try to use the negotiation process to get back at your spouse or to take your anger out on your spouse. If you can be calm and reasonable in negotiating, theres a much better chance of actually coming to a settlement agreement and being able to have an uncontested divorce.

4. Hire a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is very helpful not just because your lawyer can deal with the legal requirements of divorce, but also because your lawyer can be your voice of reason in negotiating your divorce settlement. With your lawyers help, you will understand what you are entitled to and can use facts and logic to negotiate a divorce settlement rather than running on emotions.

by: Jeff Miller
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