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Why YOU DON'T Need An Estate Agent To Sell Your Home by:Ben Brain

Why YOU DON'T Need An Estate Agent To Sell Your Home by:Ben Brain

Before you start, I am going to ask you the same question at the beginning of the article and at the end:

"Do you think it is possible to sell without an Estate Agent". Answer honestly and read on as I reveal to you how wrong you are!!

The UK general public, including you and me, is currently in a mindset which could be unnecessarily costing you thousands of pounds a year. However, this is through no fault of your own and you are certainly not alone. All it takes to break out of this costly "culture" is a little bit of knowledge and I am going to give you this knowledge.

It seems to be the Western Way that if a job is worth doing, we should pay somebody else to do it for us. This could be put down to two factors:

Number 1) We are too lazy to get off our behinds and take matters into our own hands

Number 2) We have been "brainwashed"

Personally, I would go with number two. Now you may be wondering what on earth this has to do with selling your home but stick with me because this article could well help you to save 's and change your life, for good.

For many years, the public have sold their houses through Estate Agents. Since then the Estate Agent industry has gradually led our society to believe that this is the only way of selling your property and if you go at it alone, you are bound to fail. I am going to assure you that this is NOT the case!! If anybody says to you that you cannot sell your property privately, they are lying!!

Sure, this may have been the case 10-15 years ago when the industry methods and techniques were not as available to ordinary people like me and you but times have changed, a great deal. There are now thousands of UK home owners who manage to secure a buyer and sell their home through their own efforts. Not only does this mean that they are in control of the process from start to finish, it also means that they save thousands of pounds that they would have had to say goodbye to if they had used an Estate Agent.

Ask yourself, "What can an Estate Agent do that I cannot do myself". I will tell you right now that the answer to this question is NOT A LOT. Sure you have to know what you are doing but this information is now freely available thanks to the world wide web. If you want some awesome pointers that are going to help you to sell your home, let me know, we have free copies of "The Ultimate Guide To Selling". We have created this jaw dropping guide full of insider secrets to the site as a gift to YOU. Seriously, with absolutely no catches, we'll send you the e-book that has Estate Agents shaking in their boots, why? Because they know they have been rumbled and in a big way!

So for a moment, lets actually take a look at how an Estate Agent will try and sell your home:

1) They have big fancy offices - When was the last time you visited an Estate Agents office and how many people were in there. I would presume that the answers to these question are "Ages ago" and "not a lot". The huge success of the online world has meant that the internet is now by far the place to go when people are looking for their new home. Very rarely will anybody set out to visit an estate agent to view property when they can do the same job from the comfort of their own home. All a fancy office means to you is that you are going to have to help pay for it with the extortionate fees they will charge. How much your selling fee do you think actually goes into marketing your property? When you break it down, you will literally be gobsmacked about the actual cost of advertising your property and what an Estate Agent will charge you.

So there's the fancy office out of the way, you simply don't need one.

2) Property Portals - OK, this is where you may have to invest a little in order to generate a fantastic result. However, it is absolutely no where near what you would expect to an Estate Agent. There are currently around 3/4 big players in the property portal market which have a massive amount of homes for sale from across the UK. Your local Estate Agent will be the first one to tell you that these sites don't accept listings from private sellers. In a way they are right but if you know where to look (revealed in the "Ultimate Guide To Selling" get it FREE!), there are ways that you can get your property onto these sites.

So, you don't need an Estate Agent to get noticed on the internet.

3) A For Sale board - Anybody that has ever sold a property will tell you that a good "For Sale" board is worth it's weight in gold. Even in this technical era, many houses will still be SOLD on the strength of their "For Sale" board alone. Now "For Sale" boards are not just a tool that is available to Estate Agents. We have made them available to everyone! It's why we have created the most eye-catching and fantastic looking boards available on the market, and all for the same cost as it would take to make your own! They are guaranteed to attract attention to your property.

So, you don't need an Estate Agent to get a "For Sale" board.

So, what exactly do you need an Estate Agent for? You just don't! If a buyer is serious, your property will be available through one of the methods that you can take advantage of!! It is why I am so passionate about helping you to achieve your dream move without spending unnecessary 's.

Obviously, there are a lot more details to be discussed and they can be found in "The Ultimate Guide To Selling" which we are giving away for absolutely FREE. However, these are three of the main ways that an Estate Agent will use to attract buyers. This is simply an introduction into the world of taking matters into your own hands and selling your home without an Estate Agent.

Now, as I said at the beginning of the article, ask yourself the same question "Do you think that it is possible to sell without an Estate Agent". I'm writing these last words with a huge smile on my face because I just know what your answer is going to be. If you're thinking what I'm thinking, pick up your personalised For Sale board, request our "Ultimate Guide To Selling", join the thousands of other sellers across the UK and GET SOLD!!

It's been great talking to you and I hope that you have a much more positive outlook on selling your home privately. It can be done, it just takes a little knowledge. I wish you luck and hope that you enjoy the success that many others in exactly the same position as you have.

Yours faithfully

Benji Brown

UK Property Author

About the author

Has many years within the UK proeprty market and for the first time ever has released information which will help you to sell your home and add 's to the value.

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