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When users first came across news of scam

, they were shocked. They had been members of this site for years without encountering fraud, hidden fees, undisclosed commissions, deals coming undone, and other problems that have riddled other wholesale sites.

When they saw reports of scam, it came as a surprise, because the one site that was capable of delivering where others failed is Wholesale Deals.

While it is clear that users have never seen any scam on this site, the timing and the general nature of these reports surrounding scam are a revelation. First, every scam is usually reported by an unverified individual claiming to have been a user. So, the veracity of these claims is doubtful.

Second, and this is very important, is the timing of these scam rumors. The stories of scam seem to have started circulating around the same time that buyers started leaving other, infamously non-authentic wholesale sites and started joining Wholesale Deals.

Giving Choice Back to Buyers

It is very probable that the availability of a reliable, reputable wholesale resource gave buyers the courage to leave disreputable wholesale sites that acted more like agents than supplier directories. Naturally, these sites would not be all too pleased with the outcome and they would look to extract revenge. Consequently, the stream of scam stories.

The problem with these scam reports is that none of the charges against Wholesale Deals is supported by facts. One, Wholesale Deals charges just a single monthly fee and there are no commissions, no hidden charges. That one fee gets you access to the entire directory, no exceptions.

Second, the deals on this site are authentic. These are not manufactured items meant to simply attract buyers. The deals are offered by reputable suppliers. You dont have to be a member to browse some of the deals and see what you can obtain from this site. To order the product, you would need to sign up. Because the site discloses information upfront, any charges of scam are baseless and suspicious.

Third, the products themselves are very authentic. They carry generous discounts so that you can start making a profit from the very first sale. The orders are small. Even if you do not own a store on the high street you can purchase these products and sell them on eBay or any other internet store of your choice.

Some top brands are sold through this site, and it offers what few wholesale directories can: authentic brands at dirt cheap prices. The idea of scam seems ridiculous considering that every product famous brand or not is offered via well known suppliers and licensed distributors.

There is no need to pay any attention to reports of scam. These stories are circulated by people who have never used the site, and moreover, have their own dirty agenda.

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