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Wedding Planning Guide To Make Everything Simpler Wedding Planning Guide To Make Everything SimplerWhen you were still not dealing with wedding planning, you really thought that the process is going to be a piece of cake. You are the kind of person who loves organizing things. You keep a checklist to make sure that you won't forget anything at home and at work and you even have a handy calendar that reminds you about the birthdays of people who are close to you. Now that you are dealing with your own wedding checklist, it no longer makes...more
Where To Look For Help About Wedding Planning Where To Look For Help About Wedding Planning You never thought that wedding planning would be difficult. You thought that you can simply fulfill all your childhood dreams and everything will eventually fall into place. Now that you are preparing for your own wedding and you are faced with so many decisions, it doesn't help that your husband-to-be keeps on telling you that you can do whatever you want, there are times when you feel like a child lost in the woods.This is supposed to be a...more
Success Strategies: Justin Sachs Success Strategies: Justin Sachs"I feel so lucky to have a job where the majority of what I do is to help people," says Justin Sachs, a 20-year-old entrepreneur. Justin started in the personal development industry at the age of 13 when he began attending Anthony Robbins (life coaching) seminars. It was there that he found his true passion in life: helping people. He started a non-profit organization, Peak Performance Lifestyles Foundation, at the age of 16, to help teenagers develop their leadership skills through local community service opportunities.After Peak Performance Lifestyles was underway, Justin wrote his first book, Your Mailbox is Full: Real Teens in the Real World-a guidebook giving teenagers every tool, strategy and principle they need for success in school and throughout life. The book talks about how we have so many different things bombarding us in life-"filling our personal mailbox"-that we need to figure out how to sort through it. Justin developed the Motivational Minds Radio Show to bring the greatest leaders in personal and business development to his listeners in a weekly online radio program geared at empowering the world with strategic optimism."I believe that what I teach is different...more
Resolving Conflict In Marriage: 3 Helpful Conflict Resolution Strategies For Couples Resolving Conflict In Marriage: 3 Helpful Conflict Resolution Strategies For Couples Resolving conflict in marriage is not that hard, especially if you have an open heart and an open mind. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. What regularly happens between two partners is that their stubborn levels increase as the fight escalates. Its a lot like children in the playground actually.But there are ways to handle such delicate situations. Read this article and find out how...more
Planning Your Ultimate Vacation To Disney World Planning Your Ultimate Vacation To Disney World"If you can dream it, you can do it" said the man himself Walt Disney! There is nothing quite as exciting than the ultimate vacation to Disney World with your family and loved ones! But to do it properly certainly takes careful planning and it's not just a case of buying discount Disney tickets!Did you know Walt Disney World Resort based in Orlando, Florida is the most popular family...more
Selling Your Company For Strategic Value Selling Your Company For Strategic ValueWhat does strategic value mean as it relates to the sale of a business? To a business buyer it means that your company is viewed to have a value beyond the value that the historical financial performance might suggest. A financial buyer will typically pay between 4 and 6 times EBITDA or free cash flow. There is no magic here. The theme is that this formula gives the buyer the ability to cover the debt service for the loan while providing a reasonable return on their equity. If the acquired company performs at least at the same level post acquisition, it is a safe investment.What would cause a buyer to pay a business seller any more than a financial multiple? Buyers certainly do not willingly volunteer to pay more. They must be encouraged to do this and that encouragement generally comes in the form of other interested buyers that also recognize strategic value. What characteristics of a selling company would cause multiple buyers to seemingly over pay for an acquisition?The key is that the selling company has to create potential that can be leveraged by the new owner. Simply by putting the resources, customer base, brand name, sales force, distribution system, manufacturing...more
Advice On Planning A Bridal Shower Advice On Planning A Bridal ShowerBridal showers can be the most fun and exciting part of the activities that precede a wedding. They are an opportunity for the bride and her friends to share special moments with each other before she moves on to her new life with her husband to be. The following guidelines will help you plan an...more
Planning Gay Travel To Switzerland Planning Gay Travel To SwitzerlandWhat is now being an issue in tourism talks is that gay tourists are thought as the potential market to contribute big revenue in today's destination market. A fact about gay travel to Switzerland may give you the idea of why this is so.Switzerland, a country which may be so small in the map,...more
Creating Good Memories Through Wedding Planning Creating Good Memories Through Wedding PlanningYou are excited, but at the same time, you are also worried as you go about wedding planning. You know that this is only a once in a lifetime event and you want this to be the best. Well yeah, there are many people who ended up getting divorced after some time and go through the same process again...more
Budget-friendly Wedding Planning Budget-friendly Wedding Planning Weddings are definitely one of the most anticipated events in any couple's life. This is because this day finally seals their love for each other for as long as they live. But, if there is one thing that could be hard before this day finally comes, that would be wedding planning. This becomes...more
Advice For Planning Gay Vacations To Turkey Advice For Planning Gay Vacations To TurkeyTour operators dedicated to offering gay travel are popping up like mushrooms all over the world. We've got the inside scoop on gay vacations to turkey. Gay and lesbian travelers are now able to join in with small-group tours to enjoy gay vacations to Turkey that welcome both couples and...more
Planning Permission For An Extension - 2 -Improving Your Property Value By Building More Planning Permission For An Extension - 2 -Improving Your Property Value By Building MoreRecapPart 1 considered Playing by the 'rules' to increase the value of your property. Part 2 continues with important considerations for anyone considering development.Planning Permission is not Building Regulation ApprovalBefore moving on it is important to emphasise that Planning Consent...more
Cheat Staying Thin - Strategic Cheating Cheat Staying Thin - Strategic Cheating Weight losing can be a daunting process, especially for those with a good appetite. Think of all those wonderful things you have to give up, soft drinks, delicate tidbits, juicy saucer and so on. With Cheat Your Way Thin, your favorite foods are here to stay. You are not only allowed, but also...more
Understanding Planning & Property Development In The Uk -How To Increase The Value Of Your Property Understanding Planning & Property Development In The Uk -How To Increase The Value Of Your PropertyLand ConversionValues for arable land in the UK recently hit new highs of £5,000 and in some case £6,000 per acre. But with possibly 15 houses being able to be built on an acre, this is nothing compared with the £250,000 that you can expect to pay for an acre of land with planning...more
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