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Texas Hold'em Basic Strategy

Texas Hold'em Basic Strategy

Do you play poker just for fun or are you looking for the big bucks

? Either way, these basic strategies will give you a hint on what to do more of and what to do less of.

Bluffing - less

Just because Gus Hansen has mastered the art of bluffing to perfection doesn't mean that you should try this at home! Experienced players always pick a good time to bluff based on how the game is going, their read on the players or if they missed a hand and try to steal the pot. Either way, it is a thought out process not just some scheme to impress other players.

The ole' Check-Raise - every now and then

I just love the check-raise because it's like a blow to your opponents face. Do you have it or are you just bluffing? This is why you should mix it up. Most of the times you should have the winning hand but a bluff here and there never hurt anyone. The check-raise should not be used too much or the other players will see a pattern and you'll lose the element of surprise.

Playing tight - more

Please more! Because of the whiz kids online player craze going waaay too loose at the table now everyone thinks that playing loose is the way to go. Well, 11 bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, one of the tightest players in the world, is the clear example that waiting until you've got the nuts is the right move.

Showing your cards - unless it's a showdown, NEVER show your cards

Yes, you heard it! I don't care if it's your best friend or your mother! You don't show your cards to the table when your bet was not paid off. First of all, you're giving the other players clues about your style of play. Secondly, there's less chances to get paid in the future since they know you love showing your cards. The only way to show cards is when all the players are talking about how you had that flush or straight and you were actually bluffing. That's the only way! Because then they'll know that you're a wild card at the table.

Going all in - depends on the situation

There are few cases where it's acceptable to go all in: either you have the best hand, you're pulling off a major bluff when you sense that your opponent is weak or you're late in the tournament and short stacked. Try to minimize your all ins if possible because the all in should be a calculated risk, not a showcase of bravado.

Play well, win big and have fun at the tables!

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Texas Hold'em Basic Strategy

By: Carrie Monroe
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