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How to play Texas Hold'em

How to play Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em for Beginners

If you're just getting started with playing online poker or just curious about what Texas Hold'em is all about, you've come to the right place. First of all, even if you're playing for fun money or real money, the object of the game is to outsmart your opponent and, ultimately, win. They say that poker is a game that resembles business and life because you need to decide when to take a calculated risk, when to sit still and wait for the right moment, when to go all in and when to fold.

Online or offline, the rules of Texas Hold'em are the same. Each table can be formed of no more than 9 players, though a smaller number is acceptable. Each player start with an amount of chips they can use for betting. The players are dealt two cards face down and then follows a round of betting. This is called "Pre-Flop". Then, three community cards are dealt face up in the center. The object of the game is to form the best 5 card hand. Since the community cards can be used by anybody, this will give you a hint of what your opponents may be holding. After the first three community cards are dealt follows another round of betting. This is called the Flop. One more community card is placed face up - this is "Fourth Street" or "The Turn" and another round of betting begins. And, finally, the 5th community card is dealt and the players can make their last bets - "The River".

During a betting round players can Check - which is like saying "I'm good, thanks" :), they can Bet if they're feeling frisky, or, if they're faced with a bet they can Raise the bet or Fold their cards. Each player will act on their own turn, in clockwise order, starting from the person on the left of the big blind and finishing with the dealer, small blind, and big blind. The "Blinds" are forced bets that make the game more exciting. As you'll get more experienced playing poker you'll see how the rules make so much sense when combined with strategy.

As Doyle Brunson said it, Texas Hold'em really is the Cadillac of poker.

We suggest you play your first games for fun money to get a grip on how it works. It may look complicated at first but with time and practice anyone can be a poker champ. Have fun at the tables!

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How to play Texas Hold'em

By: Carrie Monroe
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How to play Texas Hold'em