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Private Investigators For The Corporate World

Private Investigators For The Corporate World

Private Investigator firms are just as adept at helping large corporations as it is at tracking down delinquent husbands

. Some of the services that they offer companies include:

Background Checks - Many companies already run background checks on their employees and sometimes their clients but how reliable is that data? If there was a mistake when it was being keyed in or if the data has not been verified on a regular basis then something could be missed. They are able to perform credit checks as well as drug screening. Plus, all the important information like date of birth, address, employment history and education will be verified by the PI's personally.

Fraud Investigations - These are cases built upon someone using misrepresentation with the intent to deceive. So for instance, if a person walks into your restaurant and slips on a wet floor. They then sue the company because they are injured so badly that they are confined to a wheelchair. You may be 99% sure that they are lying and are not injured at all but how do you get proof? You hire the best Atlanta Private Detective available.

Loss Prevention - This is the polite term for your employees or customers stealing from you. They may be shoplifting clothes or grazing through the candy aisle on break but either way it starts to add up to significant lost revenue. If you do not have a full time security force on hand then it is a good idea to hire a PI to watch your merchandise. The savings from preventing the loss is usually more than enough to offset the price of a good PI

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