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A Personal Development Business & The 5 Pillars Of Success.

A Personal Development Business & The 5 Pillars Of Success.

With a Personal Development Business opportunity

, as with all businesses, there is a core set of common practices and actions that will help ensure your success.

As an Entrepreneur it can often feel like the odds are stacked against you and your success. If you follow the principles outlined below you will be able to move the odds more in your favour. A good way to do this is to go through the following 5 points and give yourself a score out of 5 for your current level of activity and success in this area.

A rating of 1 Being that it seems like a good idea but you aren't currently doing anything about it and 5 being that you are someone that other could model in this area. Be sure to re-evaluate yourself often to reveal your weak spots and thus help you to continuously move forward.

1. Daily Visualization and Meditation of your goals

Make this a well used habit. Visualize your goals (either by imagining the scenes and/or writing down the details) at least 3 times a day. Visualize your goals with emotion, love and feeling as they relate to the various aspects of your life (Relationships, Spiritual, physical, your business, intellectual, financial, social etc...). Ensure that you are writing S.M.A.R.T Goals (Specific, measurable, Achievable, Results-orientated, Time-Bound).

2. The study of Professional and Personal Development

Spend at least 30min every day on your own personal and professional development. This should include all aspects of your life (relationships, health, mindset, skill set). You can do this through a home study course, reading books, watching videos and listening to audio tapes and interviews. Anything that means you are learning new techniques, tactics, skills or views every day.

3. Activities That Directly Produce Income

Spend at least 4 hours a day 4 days a week purely on your income producing activities. This should include but not be limited too... posting or reviewing your advertising daily; consistently researching and developing new advertising sources; Follow up with every lead within 24hrs; provide support for the people in your team and become a marketing expert.

4. Mastermind

By Masterminding with leaders in the industry you will learn to foster the growth of your individual mindset and help you to get where you want to be in your business. Connect with your mentor at least once a week and leverage their skill and experience to further your own. Stay in contact with your business community and develop an accountability relationship to keep you on track. Listen in to any live masterminding calls you can attend. You will then be continually picking up new information and becoming a more valuable member of the greater community.

5. Leadership: You & Your Team

All business is a business of leadership where you must lead by example. Continuously provide a positive example for others to follow. Ensure that you are positioned for success within your business and know that those around and underneath you will follow your example. So if you are displaying leadership and an active role in the community, they will also and your chances of success will be greatly increased. Sit back and do nothing and those that look to you will do the same and you will fail.

As the above guidelines show; running a successful Personal Development Business is generally a case of using your own common sense. It constantly amazes me however that so many people don't latch onto these simple concepts and then wonder why their business isn't working.

Stand out from the masses. Follow the above "5 Pillars of Success" and with a little dedication and time you'll being to master all the different skills required to make your Personal Development Business the success you always dreamt it would be.

by: Iain Forrest
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