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Online Postage Your Small Business Employee Of The Year

Online Postage Your Small Business Employee Of The Year

Using online postage creates so much extra time for those who use it

, it can actually increase your productivity to the point of not needing to hire that extra employee or virtual assistant.

All over the united States. No matter if in a sprawling city, quaint burg or one horse town, post office lines are getting longer and longer. Government cutbacks are somewhat to blame. While budgets have been bled, demand has actually remained high.

Businesses that once used services are now tending to find the price of a stamp more attractive when possible Recently unemployed and the under employed are turning to auction sites such as Ebay to make ends meet.

That is how I came upon Online postage.

Long post office lines were finding me still awake at 2:am trying to compensate for lost time. Hiring someone to run to the post office for me was not an option. The item I was selling required a decent amount of interaction with the customer during sale as well as prior to shipment.

Long hours and basically the tension of waiting in line for, what at least seemed like, hours was taking it's toll on my bottom line as well as loss of productivity in general. I fell asleep one night, well I say night, it was actually like three in the morning, and out of sheer exhaustion I forgot to set my alarm clock. It was the first time in weeks I actually slept. I mean ten hours later, waking refreshed sleep.

I had forgotten what it was like to actually feel good upon awakening. Then and there I made a decision. If there was a shortcut I could take that would not lessen the quality I demanded, I was going to use it. The first order of business while piloting this new mindset was the requirement that business stopped at a decent time. A time that would give the benefit of healthy sleep.

I then made a list of my time vamps. Those things that sucked the precious minutes from my day.

The long lines at the post office made the top of the list. I did a quick search On-line and was very intrigued by what I was reading about online postage. No more lines. No more fighting traffic to get to stand in line. No more standing in line with people that were just as happy to be standing in line as I was. Even better.

No more standing in a long line with some people that were apparently a lot more upset about postal service cut backs than I was.

With the aid of a printer and the computer I was already on, I was now saving a minimum of three hours a day. Three hours I was using to make more sales. Hours used to interact more with past customers. Turning several a day into repeat customers.

As my business grew, so did my reliance on being able to print anything from a postage stamp to priority overnight and even international postage.

I did use the extra revenue I was saving and producing to hire a very efficient young lady to do my packaging and processing. Even she agrees that our employee of the year honors goes to online postage.

by: Joel Hambit
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Online Postage Your Small Business Employee Of The Year