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How To Successfully Run A Gum Removal Business

How To Successfully Run A Gum Removal Business

A gum removal business can be highly profitable if the professional understands the business and equipment

. There are two main advantages of going into this business: high demand and low investment.


In this business, there is a high demand for removing gum. Many educational institutions and government departments are looking for efficient and responsible professionals and companies to carry out the gum removal processes. However, a specialized gum extermination company almost always has an advantage over ordinary cleaning companies. People who run parks and stadiums understand that removing chewing gum residue takes specialized cleaning equipment for fast and effective removal.

The demand for specialized companies is likely to remain high, seeing as there will always be people who chew gum. Many people who chewing gum in public areas, such as stadiums, movie theaters, and parks, improperly dispose of their gum when they are finished chewing. The residue ends up on benches, seats, walkways, parking lots, building exteriors, and other areas.

Low Investment

You do not need a fortune to start a gum removal business, but make sure to invest in a proper gum removing cleaning machine. Reputable suppliers offer gum removal equipment with a number of different features such as anti-bacterial technology for further sanitation capabilities. In addition, the top gum removal machines can double as steam cleaners. This allows you to expand your service offerings to include a wide variety of cleaning and sanitization applications, in addition to gum removal.

Selecting Gum Removal Equipment

As already mentioned, steam cleaners with gum removing kits are ideal cleaning machines for removing chewing gum residue. These machines can be used for cleaning a number of hard surfaces. That is, they can be used for removing gum from concrete, as in stadiums and parks, and for sidewalk gum removal.

Your gum removing equipment should have an attached vacuum. It makes the cleaning process much easier. For example, sidewalk gum removal would be extremely difficult and time-consuming if the machine did not have attached vacuum, as the operator would have to manually clean up the liquid remains and residue from the surface.

Other important features to look for include high steam temperatures up to 329F for maximum cleaning power, a gum dissolving liquid for enhanced removal capabilities, and a rugged stainless steel gum brush threaded onto a gum tool for maximum strength in agitating tough gum wads. Continuous refilling technologies offer further benefits, as the addition of such technologies enables operators to work non-stop throughout the entire day without having to shutdown the system to refill.

When choosing a machine, owners of a gum removal business must make sure that it works very fast. Many high quality machines can remove 1000s of pieces of chewing gum per day.

If a cleaning professional working for a gum removal business has a typical 8 to 10 hour work day, it can be certain that a large portion of this time is spent traveling, setting up equipment, and spotting chewing gum residue. To make up for this lost time, the cleaning machine must clean quickly and effectively.

by: AlanD
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