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Hosted Pbx Giving Small Businesses Flexibility While Cutting Costs

Hosted Pbx Giving Small Businesses Flexibility While Cutting Costs

PBX phone systems have rapidly become the standard for businesses around the world

, but hosted PBX systems are gaining favor over installed systems. Phone systems are an important element of any company's strategy, as in the modern age, every business needs to watch its investments with a critical eye. Every facet of business must be fine-tuned to maximize profits and minimize costs. As phone systems often serve as the main form of communication for an office, they're even more important, and deserve quite a bit of attention.

This is especially the case with small businesses, as hosted PBX offers a number of major advantages that can help companies operate flexibly without a large investment in a phone system.

Hosted PBX systems work in essentially the same way as installed PBX systems, except they're completely maintained and operated by a dedicated hosting company. A small business "rents" use of the virtual PBX system, and greatly reduces many of its costs without sacrificing the professionalism that a high-grade PBX system offers.

There are a number of ways that hosted PBX systems cut costs for a small business. One of the major costs of business phone systems is maintenance. Even the newest, most high-tech systems can require thousands of dollars worth of maintenance in just a single month, especially when they're set up for complex routing and other non-traditional functions.

Hosted PBX avoids these costs--since the hosted PBX server remains with the hosting company at all times, all maintenance is completed on the hosting company's end. As hosting companies have large amounts of experience in working with complex phone systems, there's also less downtime resulting from scheduled and unanticipated maintenance with a hosted PBX system.

This allows the small business to concentrate on finding and handling new business, not on managing a phone system. Reliability is important with any technology, and while standard PBX systems can break down or simply not live up to expectations, hosted systems are simply less of a risk for small businesses.

Less risk and investment means that hosted PBX systems are much more cost effective than alternatives for small businesses. Multiple lines can be easily set up, and professional features like call forwarding and integrated virtual fax can be easily employed by savvy small business owners. For the cost of a few phone lines, small businesses gain an almost unlimited professional phone system that allows for quick expansion and change.

While some extremely large businesses can host a PBX service on their own, small businesses see tremendous value for each dollar invested in a hosted PBX system. They see more features, more phone lines, and more functions than any possible alternative option, since they're literally using the same systems that major companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on. The return on investment for hosted systems is much better for a business that will only be using a few dozen lines or less, although some major businesses have begun considering hosted PBX systems as the services become less expensive and more flexible.

Hosted PBX can even allow a business to expand and grow in previously impossible ways. The systems allow workers to be extremely mobile; part of a small business's work force can work directly from home, while other teams might work from an office halfway across the country. A seamlessly integrated PBX system allows all of these workers to have the same professional phone system.

Incoming callers simply need to hit the right extension to be in contact with any person at a small business, regardless of their location. Mobile companies can expand at a much faster rate, as they aren't limited to finding clients in a single area. A dispersed work force can work easily and effectively with the help of a hosted PBX system, at a relatively small cost to the small business. Integrated virtual fax and other features can be used to expand business even further by shortening customer response times and allowing each member of a dispersed work force to work together.

The benefits of hosted PBX services are potentially unlimited, although careful application and usage is very important. With a good long term strategy, the lowered costs, higher return on investment, and incredible flexibility of hosted PBX services make them an obvious choice for small businesses everywhere. Modern companies tend to grow quickly when they're able to communicate their messages better than competitors in their field; part of effective communication is a good phone service.

by: Brandi Armstrong
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Hosted Pbx Giving Small Businesses Flexibility While Cutting Costs