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handicraft business for the future

handicraft business for the future

Cv. Batu Cantik has been established in 2000. At that moment cv. Batu cantik didn't

have good legal agencies like pt, cv or ud. Batu cantik is mean beautiful stone, "batu" in English is called stone and "cantik" is called beautiful such as pretty women. Batu cantik is located at north Kuta of Badung regency. Batu cantik is engaged of wholesaler, manufacture and exporter of handicraft, handbags, bags, jewellery, women accessories, beachwear and sandals shoes. In the beginning of this effort involved in crafting the handicraft of Raw material using stones, namely "paras Palimanan" which at that time of stone handicrafts are very popular and widely exported to foreign countries. This is what inspired me to use the name of a "Batu Cantik" as my business name until today. With time running in the business world and trends are also tides in the business world such a craft sector so I took the initiative for developing another business that my view is more efficient and more have long term production and marketing sectors, as well as simple products have a bright future. In the end I tried to develop new business that is by the use of suppliers from several regions in Indonesia who have the creativity and high art, such as handicraft of Handbags for Women from Yogyakarta and Bali, with natural materials. As the utilization of coconut shell, bamboo, water hyacinth, pandanus etc. Women's Accessories like bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, hair clips etc. With ingredients from shellfish, monte, wood, etc. A variety of Pekalongan weaving, woven products from Jepara and many more craft than some other areas. Owner of Batu cantik company is a Balinese women who have a good and high passion design of our products. She is a great business women and also good mother of her children's. Her name is Desak Amik. Being a Balinese people is a biggest pride because many people in wideworld loves Bali. Every year many tourist has return to this beautiful island and the simple reason of that is wonderful, amazing, fantastic panorama's, art, culture and people of course. Balinese people have smile pure from the heart and give the best for the tourism. That's why many tourist says that Bali is the second home. We are truly Balinese with respectful and friendly. We're give the best service and keep makes our costumers feel satisfied. The products that we made is handmade by the skilled people and have a high sense of art in Bali and Java. Our products is made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, sandle wood, pandanus, sea grass, shells, rattan, coconut, and the other materials that we have. Why we used the natural materials is because we help the earth still breathing and save the earth and also go green world. Our material that we used for our products can be recycled. Batu cantik company is a wholesaler, manufacture and exporter of handicraft, jewellery, bags, handbags, beachwear, sandals shoes, accessories, sarongs and embroidery. All the bags are made in our factory in Bali and Java. The other products we offer are supported by suppliers from Bali, like the Sarongs, accessories, clothes, sandals and all of the handicraft. Because of our high skill, professionalism and love for all our products, we attract a lot of interest from many other Asian ,USA and European countries. We accept and support own design from customers of all kinds as we continually strive for excellence through innovative design. All the products are full of passion and huge design of us. As a wholesaler and exporter we build the good relationship and networking with the other people in the world. We are believes when we're give the best service then we get the best result too.

We give the special price of all items products. The products by Batu Cantik is all handmade like handbags and bags. The items of bags and handbags is consists of various models and materials. For example bags and handbags are made of pandanus, coconut, bamboo, water hyacinth, rattan, sea grass, and sandle wood. Bags that are marketed as shopping bags , beach bags, fashion bags, shoulder bags, relaxing bags, and our handbags too. Jewellery is one of the products of Batu Cantik is made of natural materials like wood, sea shell, beads, resin stone, horn, bone and silver. We're give the best design of jewelry for women accessories. Not only earrings but also we have bracelets, finger ring, bangles, necklaces, pendants, women belt, and hair accessories. Many kind of women accessories that we made for give the satisfaction of our customers in the world. We're give the best service from the heart and we're still do for our business. We also marketed the handicraft like home dcor, wood craft, photo album, instrument, terracotta, candle holder, gallery paint, mask, craft store, gift, wood puzzle, mosquito net blind, table wear, dinner plates, placemates and also cover cushions. The handicraft product there is created in Bali and also in Java. All items of handicraft products all made from natural materials. We also produce beachwear such as sarongs, scraft, summer hats, sarongs holder, sarongs batik, sarongs embroidery, and handpainting sarongs. Not as a simple design we also give the variation in all products like painting, stainless, and airbrush. Sandal and shoes is the other things that weproduce. It's made from beads and natural materials like pandanus. We give the comfortable design for makes your foot's comfort too.

At first I was promoting the product by going from shop to shop or art shop in Bali. I did this effort approximately 1.5 years with a total lengthofapproximately 100 customers whichcustomers located in various places of tourism such as Tanah lot, Kuta, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Tampaksiring, Bedugul, Sanur etc. With the passage of time and effort, finally we can hire some store located in Br. Basangkasa Seminyak, Br.SapatTegallalang Ubud and on the roadKerobokan Br. Taman north of Kuta. From here then thename of cv. BatuCantikslowly began to be known by many buyers from foreign countries. In 2000 cv. Batucantik has been the official legal entity that is Cv. Batu Cantik After going through a long process, in 2005 we have been able to buy a parcel of land and buildings that we made a place of business as well as our central office located in Padonan street br. Tibubeneng, north Kuta. Business success in developing an off our isn't instituation of participant in the administration related assistance share in providing direction and promotional products both nationally and internationally. Cv. Batu cantik in the middle years 2007 have to official established partnership with government instituations and SOEs. Local business agency in Bali and also the board of bali province regional Bali handicraft. With the potential and achievment in the field of business development export potential for causing open for which countries are finally in the year 2008 to be officially cv. Batu cantik developed partners ministry of cooperatives state of the republic of Indonesian in Jakarta and simultaneously build the partnership with the export nasional development agency. In this institution government and SOE very important role helped develop in the business sector of our better training programs and entrepreneurship, promotional products and sector capital. Therefore we are always trying to maintain relationsand cooperation with and for keeping good succeed once partnership with the government and pattern SOE.

Batu cantik company has been much exhibition not only in Indonesia but also in Asia. We join as participants in Indonesia exhibition for show up we're products and looking for new networking and partnership in this business. Batu cantik company always being a participants for handicraft, expo and manufacture. We give the best products with good quality and high passion in all exhibition that we join us. Such as an exporter we always make the customers feel comfortable. Customers satisfaction is our main target. We always support every exhibition event and being a participants. In the year 2009 cv. Batu cantik has successful exhibition follow the event at least 10 times event exhibition. In the year 2010 cv. Batu cantik have some follow at least 5 times exhibition in all events and exhibition abroad is loaded and enshrined internet in media with the purpose of positive efforts popularize publish once every events from cv. Batu cantik and everything has been written in complete website in our blog too and also

Not enough to simply rely on a shop and just rely on the local market potential in Bali alone, then in 2007 we continue our efforts to the promotion and development of marketing through online shopping or online store that can be accessed buyers worldwide 24 hours non-stop. With the principle pick up the ball with the use of Internet technology as a key network facilities. This was born as the primary domain to be able to interact directly as well as liaison with prospective buyers across the world. With this system, prospective buyers will be able to easily shop online and highly time and cost efficient operations. Development of science and technology currently online shop was very popular in foreign countries, and was going to develop this culture in Indonesia. It is quite able to facilitate prospective buyers in getting goods through online shopping without having to spend too much time and energy cost-effective. With this facility This 24-hour online shopping, cv. Batu cantik increasingly widely known throughout the world community without borders. Shop online at the time we have this available in various kinds of Bali and Java craft presently recording to some products 6 category, 70 sub category products, with total 6500 unit/ item ready products online. Growth continues this design will be compatible with growing demand local market outdoor products or 2 more in our state by eyeing two like USA, UK, Spain, Danish, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, and many countries other. Effort work hard with performance- based success online stores and finally we have been able to bring visitor/ 1000 visitors every day around the world and without our consciously also cv. Batu cantik has been able to do self sending goods out state/ cargo has it's own. Cv. Batu cantik has been working with several shipping companies such products Fed-ex, TNT, DHL, EMS, and UPS also with some foreign airlines.

We also penetrated the world of networking like facebook and fans pages. We just want to looking for friends and built the network and also friendship. No holiday of our business like what we said the customers satisfaction is our target. We believes when the customers feel comfort we has a big pride of it. We're give the best support of all costumers and we're service 24/7! Don't be hesitate for contact us!

handicraft business for the future

By: desak amik
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handicraft business for the future