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Guide To Using Ecommerce Seo

Guide To Using Ecommerce Seo

Search engine optimization is a trick used by webmasters all over the world to help

increase their websites' ranking in a search engine's natural search results. There are two ways that a website can be listed on a search engine results page, either through paid search or organic search. Paid search is all about paying the search engine company to have an ad linking to your site displayed in a special area allocated for advertisements. Organic search refers to a listing of websites that appear naturally when a user does a search for a relevant term. SEO only helps to improve your organic search results. Unlike paid search, SEO results are not instantaneous, but you will discover that it's very helpful for your site in the long run.

Unlike other sites, e-commerce sites are among the hardest to optimize for in the search engines. This is because there is an inadequate amount of unique content. Search engines love websites with sufficient content that is both original and detailed. E-commerce websites are the exact opposite of that, they are composed primarily of product images and do not offer a great deal of detailed descriptions. For online shoppers, a picture is worth a thousand words and people are more likely to buy based on how the product appears. Product descriptions generally lack detail, it's common practice for most online stores to just use the manufacturer's description when talking about a product. In addition to that, the internal linking structure is not adequate enough and more focus is placed on the back end as most e-commerce sites use a shopping cart system to place their products online. As a result, online stores are not usually ranked very well in the search engines.

If you already have an ecommerce business or plan on starting one, don't lose faith, there is still hope. There are actually many e-commerce SEO techniques that can help improve the search engine ranking of your website. Listed below is an analysis of all the techniques you must use if you want a well optimized, search engine friendly online store.

E-Commerce SEO Meta Tags

Meta Title - the title that only the search engines can see, it can be the same as the on page title or different, but must contain the most relevant keywords to describe the product

Meta Description - this is the description that only the search engines can see, it can be the same as the on page description or different, make sure it's detailed and describe exactly how the product appears and how it works

Meta Keywords - these are the keywords that only the search engines can see, it is used as tags to describe the product, try to use only the most relevant keywords

E-Commerce SEO URLs

Dynamic Static HTML Pages - pages that have relevant keywords in the urls rather than generic numbers or product id, make sure that each of your product pages, category pages and content pages have their own unique and descriptive urls

Canonical Tags - tags which are used to remove duplicate content that has been created by having multiple entries of the same page

On Page E-Commerce SEO Elements

Header Tags - tags used for writing page or product titles, it highlights the keywords to help let the search engines understand that they are important

Keywords - use relevant keywords on all of your pages so that you are able to explain exactly what is on the page

Unique Description - you must have unique content that can't be found on any other online store that is selling the same product

Alt & Title Tags - these tags should be added to all of your images so that not only will you be found on regular search results but also on image search

Other Important E-Commerce SEO Factors

Breadcrumb Navigation - on page text navigation which includes an internal linking structure that should be used for an e-commerce website

Google XML Sitemap - informs Google of each and every page on your website and alerts them of new content so they don't forget to return and crawl your website

It is critical that you make use of all of these e-commerce SEO elements throughout your online store. Some of these minor changes can have a major effect and push you ahead of your competition so do not overlook their importance. It's a long term strategy that will gradually help to boost your traffic and revenue.

by: elogichick
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