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Finding a great Texas Hold Em Poker book doesn't have to be hard

Finding a great Texas Hold Em Poker book doesn't have to be hard

Becoming a successful Texas Hold'em player takes patience

, skill, luck and an extensive knowledge about the game. However, the rewards (provided you have the right poker strategy) can equal large amounts of money and a reputation as a skilled no limit Texas Hold'em player. There are many Texas Hold Em Poker Book's available both in book stores and on the internet. The biggest, and arguably the best, retailer of books online is the one and only Just a quick search on Amazon returns hundreds of books ranging from the general tips book, to instructional/teaching type, to full fledged strategy and odds calculations books. Deciding on which book to purchase and how much you should really have to pay to get the information you want can be a daunting task.

For most people that play Texas Hold Em Poker it is a form of recreation; a hobby that is enjoyed. If you are in this boat then most probably no matter what book you buy you will enjoy reading it and learn a thing or two. If you are extremely passionate about the game or are using your winnings as a sort of income then you may be a little more pressed to get results quickly. You might seriously want a book jam-packed with heaps of extremely useful information, so your book might be a little harder to find. Many beginning players believe that their poker skills can improve significantly by reading a few poker related books, but the real card players understand that this can lead to a huge disappointment and loss of money unless you follow these simple but powerful poker playing tips.

When searching for a good Texas Hold Em Poker book, look for the for the following things.

First: the title. Look at the title and ensure that it is clear, concise and is talking directly to you. If you want a strategy guide, find a book like 'Texas Hold Em Strategy Guide'. Don't go for a tips book or something else.

Second: the author. Who is the author? Are they at all reputable in the poker field? Consider punching the author's name into Google and spending a few quick moments verifying them.

Third: search inside the book. Amazon allows you to read the table of contents of a book and also view a couple of the pages. Read the TOC and make sure that the points are talking about what you want to learn.

Fourth: customer reviews. Read the customer reviews and see what other people thought about it. This is sometimes the best indicator for me. Because I've bought/read so many books I'm looking for more but sometimes I find a dodgy little Texas Hold Em Poker Tips book and the customer reviews say 'not good info','just slapped up in a short time','not a quality book' etc.

Finding a great Texas Hold Em Poker book doesn't have to be hard

By: vegascasino21
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