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FHTM Training – How To Explode Your FHTM Business

FHTM Training – How To Explode Your FHTM Business

There is no doubt about it, over 95% of all FHTM representatives are failing miserably in their FHTM businesses

. Although this may seem like a huge problem, this provides a massive opportunity to those who understand how to effectively position themselves in the marketplace and have true value to offer these people who are struggling.

So why is it that so many representatives struggle to make any money at all in their businesses while some are making more money than ever before?

Although the answer may vary from person to person, in my opinion the biggest reason why so many people are failing is because FHTM reps are building the WRONG LIST!

When people first get started in FHTM, they are instructed by their upline to make a list of friends and family, call these people to book appointments, then meet up with these people to show them their business opportunity.

Here are a few MAJOR problems with this methodology:

1)Your Friends And Family List Isn't Targeted

2)You Will Run Out Of People To Talk To Very Quickly

Let's elaborate on these points very quickly.

When you simply make a list of friends and family, you have NO CLUE whether or not these people even have a vested interest in what you have to offer let alone if they even want to hear about your business in the first place. I'm willing to be that NONE of these people even originally requested to hear about your FHTM business.

My question to you is, why would you even bother wasting time on these people? Right now there are other people out there that literally have money in hand and want to sign up in FHTM. They are merely just looking for the right leader to guide them and show them how to succeed in FHTM.

Although you may be a very well connected person with thousands of people to talk to, the reality is that most people simply run out of people to talk to well before they gain any sort of momentum in growing their business to begin with.

I remember when I first started building my business, I had over 300 friends on Facebook and I remember thinking, "This is going to be a piece of cake. All I need to do is just get three then they'll get three then they'll get three...etc."

Unfortunately, this was the furthest thing from the truth...

I literally burned through my entire warm market in about two months and had no one to talk to from that point on. Whether or not if you have had this experience, how do you expect to grow your business if you do not have anyone to show it to?

While these are major problems for many people in FHTM, the reality is that you no longer have to be a "pushy salesman". Times have changed and if you know what you are doing, you can be the person that people chase and the person that people want to join.

If you are interested in learning about to explode your FHTM business or are looking to get involved with a team that can take you to where you want to go, make sure you read the resource box below and click on the link for more information.

FHTM Training How To Explode Your FHTM Business

By: Michael Stead
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