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Build Long-term Customer Relationships To Yield Profitable Business Success

Build Long-term Customer Relationships To Yield Profitable Business Success

To many people, seeing is believing

To many people, seeing is believing. Unless they are able to see and grasp your materials, thats the only time they are going to believe of what your business claims. This makes it really hard to build a relationship with target customers. But if you are dedicated in creating good relationships with your customers, then this process would be positively easy for you.

In broad sense, building customer relationship is like building a relationship with someone you like. It takes a lot of time, effort and repetition to get to know each other. One of the best ways to build relationship with prospects is through marketing. In essence, marketing is like building a long term relationship with a person rather than simply having a one night stand.

If you send out your brochures or post cards one time and then stop, you are not thinking long term nor building relationships. You are marketing through one night stand and thereby limiting your growth. Its like meeting someone for the first time and without really knowing who he or she is you ask the person to marriage. Its the same in business. You dont know your customers, they dont know you, but you ask them to do business with you. Its a one time deal that will more likely not result in repeat sales.

It takes time

When you launch a marketing campaign, you cant expect it to give you the results you need immediately. As mentioned earlier, building relationships is not a one night stand. You cannot get the customers you want overnight. It would take time to win your customers trust and loyalty. Your relationship with them will be a work in progress. As they come to you and avail of your products or services, study their buying behavior to create marketing materials that would help win them over and woo in other customers like them.

It takes repetition

One of the best ways to build relationships is repetition. Marketing to your target customers over and over again is a fundamental key in maintaining long term relationships with customers. So, if you want to build strong and long term relationships think in terms of frequency. How many times will a customer need to read your catalog or brochure printing before he or she decides to buy?

Experts say that a customer needs to read or see your materials at least nine times before they decide to buy. To other it might take ten, fifteen, or twenty times. It doesnt really matter how many times they need to see your message. The point is it usually takes more than one contact with your materials for people to take action.

So, no matter how memorable your materials or your message are, no matter how enticing your design is, no matter how impressive your portfolio is, repeated marketing would still make the difference between getting loyal customers or not.

A marketing campaign designed to build relationships would not be always easy. You must stay dedicated to your campaign if you want to succeed. Invest your time and money in long term goals and be prepared to stay steadfast to the long haul. Remember that there is other way to succeed in the market than by building and maintaining relationships. If done right, the relationships you built will yield profitable success for a long time.

by: Martha Killian
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