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Beware Cash Gifting & Cash Leveraging Participants - Major IRS Crackdown and Arrests Across The U.S

Beware Cash Gifting & Cash Leveraging Participants - Major IRS Crackdown and Arrests Across The U.S

The IRS has announced it will take aggressive action on the crackdown on all illegal cash gifting and cash leveraging programs nationwide.

The first casualties were several mid west families whose identity is being kept anonymous for obvious reasons. In the early morning hours IRS agents stormed several Mid West residents with Federal warrants and confiscating and freezing all bank accounts and assets. Federal agents were seen carting away computers and filing cabinets and a small stack of Federal Express envelopes, known to be used, by cash gifters to receive their illegal gains.

Local news reporters approached the Federal Agent in charge and asked why are they arresting innocent citizens in these hard economic times? The unidentified Federal Agent stated that the promotion, by this family, of these proliferating and illegal cash gifting programs and cash leveraging programs has to be stopped as mandated by the IRS. These citizens have broken the law by bastardizing the true concept of Gifting. The reporter asked what is Gifting? Gifting, as outlined in IRS Publication 950, stipulates that any U.S. citizen may gift, as of 2009, $13,000 to any other person without the expectation of receiving anything back in return. When a person openly and actively promotes such gifting actions for the benefit of himself and that of others as a business, without a legitimate product base, this action is considered by the IRS and the U.S. District Courts as illegal.

The IRS and the State Attorney General will pursue all who violate the letter of the law by taking advantage of and bending government rulings for their own financial gains and greed.

The Federal agent in charge of the investigation stated that thousands of people will be prosecuted in the months to come.

The Head lines will read:

"Government Crackdown on Illegal Cash Gifting and Cash Leveraging Programs"

"Mid West families arrested in the early morning raids. Bank accounts and assets frozen due to the illegal promotion of Cash Gifting and Cash Leveraging Programs".


This scenario that can happen to you or those you know anytime soon. As the need for cash increases in these hard economic times, people are looking for the easy way out. Fast Money, Easy Money, Quick Money seems to be the mantra these days. Sometimes the easy way is not the legal way or the best way. Don't be fooled into believing what the scammers are trying to pawn on you. Don't be fooled into believing these promoters who want to line their own pockets with your hard earned cash at your expense and ignorance.

There is a way to make substantial amounts of money using a Cash Leveraging Business structure that is absolutely legal. There are guidelines that can assist you in finding that special legitimate leveraging business.

I have outlined 15 steps that can put you on the right track in achieving your financial freedom and keeping you from being a victim or perpetrating a lie, or even falling victim to a scam or a fraudulent program.

Learn how to protect yourself by knowing what to look for in a legitimate Cash Leveraging Business with a legitimate product base. Keep in mind that I said Business and not Program.

Here are your 15 steps that can save you time and substantial headaches in finding that legitimate Cash Leveraging Business.

Look for a cash gifting opportunity that has a history of performance. I would suggest a minimum of two years. Don't let the originator be based offshore, like the Caymans or St. Lucia.

Make sure that the entity/Company has a mailing address not a P.O. BOX. If you should ever need to get in contact with that company you know where to look. This is how to recognize fly by night companies.

Make sure that they have a full support system in place to answer any questions you may have and a good tracking system to keep track of all referrals under you so that you can track payments being made to you directly.

Make sure that they are a legal entity: which means that they have a product based structure that incorporates the best features of cash gifting or cash leveraging. The product base is what makes a cash-gifting program a Legitimate Business. A Program that is gifting for the sake of making money, short term, for their benefit and promoted, as a business is ILLEGAL. What makes cash gifting a legitimate business is the promotion of a true and legitimate product base, which, in reality, is a true benefit because now you have a multiple income stream legitimate business.

Make sure that they have a good website with several capture pages and an auto responder to assist in the marketing of the business.

Make sure they have different levels or tiers of participation. (For example: $250, $500, $1000 and $2000 entry levels) This allows for a person to participate at an entry level and work their way up to the top tier.

Make sure that you are the first one to get paid. The reason I mention this is that in most programs, the sponsor, the introducer, the qualifier or someone else gets paid first before you even see a dime. This should be unacceptable to anybody thinking of taking part in these types of opportunities.

You should have the option of receiving your Cash Gifts not only by Federal Express envelopes or UPS envelopes but you should also have the option of receiving cash by direct deposit transfers into your own bank account, Cashiers checks, Money orders, Paypal, Alertpay, Safepay or even Google credit cards payments. This gives the business a solid air of legitimacy not only to you but also your cash gifting business. Remember that if it's a gift under the regulated amount it doesn't matter how it comes in. Yes it's nice to receive cash but money can be received in many forms.

Make sure that your sponsor assists you in getting started and answering any questions you may have. This is not to say that you should hound your sponsor to death since this person also has a business to run.

10.Try to find a Cash Gifting or Cash Leveraging opportunity where the company gets none or very little of the cash gifting profits. Profits are different from an Admission fee or Web site hosting fees.

11.Try to find a cash gifting opportunity that has a Residual income component. This makes the cash-gifting program profitable for the long term. This is why the longevity of a program is essential. The longer the cash gifting opportunity has been in business the more residual income the participants are and will be getting.

12.Make sure that the cash gifting opportunity has training for all its new participants. This is essential because the more you know about the business the better you can market it. Your mantra should be "KNOW YOUR BUSINESS".

13.Make sure that there is NO Selling involved in the marketing of this activity.

14.Make sure that the cash gifting opportunity has a complete list of marketing lead generating sites for you to showcase your new opportunity and it should be a combination of free advertising sties and pay sites. Free sites can be profitable but pay sites sometimes goes the extra mile to expose your business to a more select audience. If Real Estate's mantra is Location, Location, Location the mantra for a cash gifting opportunity should be Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.

15.Keep in mind that if and when you take advantage of a cash gifting opportunity, hopefully a legal one, you never forget that it is a business and it should be treated as such. This means that cash gifting is not a free ride to wealth. You have to work the business to make it a success. Like my grand Dad use to say, "There are no free rides in this life".

Beware Cash Gifting & Cash Leveraging Participants - Major IRS Crackdown and Arrests Across The U.S

By: Louis Cordero
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Beware Cash Gifting & Cash Leveraging Participants - Major IRS Crackdown and Arrests Across The U.S Washington