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Is The Trendwealth Business Opportunity A Sting Or Valid? (3 Fraud Tips)

Is The Trendwealth Business Opportunity A Sting Or Valid? (3 Fraud Tips)

In a hard economy, people from all areas of life are exploring the choice of starting a Web home based business

. As people look for creative alternative choices to the conventional job marketplace, they could have the need and capital but no concept what to search for or the simple way to do web marketing. TrendWealth is a relatively new business that just officially launched in Aug 2010. Even before it's official launch, TrendWealth was saying that they might take the web by storm and they offer a method to earn financial freedom. Is that claim simply hype? Is TrendWealth the lastest scam to launch on the internet? Or is TrendWealth a valid and exciting new business opportunity?

Merriam-Webster online dictionary outlines a scam as: a fake or false act or operation. The fraud Center provides tips regarding Internet cons to help resolve whether something could be fraudulent. It's probably a con if somebody : Refuses to give you a physical address ; Refuses to give you the main points of the offer prior to making any payment ; Uses scare methods or pressure to act right away.

Physical Address

If you'll look at the bottom of TrendWealth's promotion page, you'll note it is saying : A TrendWealth Marketing Group, LLC Company. If you Google "TrendWealth Marketing Group" you'll get to the TrendWealth Marketing Group internet site where you can obtain their physical address, phone number, email address, and even the founder's names.

Details of the Offer

In looking at the TrendWealth Product Tour page, TrendWealth doesn't in particular name each one of the multiple video, audio and PDF digital resources, internet marketing software tools, Audio and Video coaching packages, and opportunity promoting videos, but an observer definately gets the idea that the 4 online marketing product packages TrendWealth offers are quite important. TrendWealth also offers a conditional 3-day refund on TrendWealth Product Packages. On buying the product package I was highly impressed with the sheer quantity and quality of the virtual products offered. TrendWealth product packages stay true to their claims.

No scare methods or pressure to act instantly

I am not sure about you, but I am turned off by claims that this price will go UP if you don't act now, sites that run a script when you try to click away from the site, and other high pressure strategies. I simply would not opt to do business that way and I have turned down countless online enterprize opportunities because of this. I LIKE that TrendWealth gives me the time, space and info to come to my own buying decision! That is's the way that I want a company to treat me, my associates, and my patrons! Take some time, get all of your questions dealt with to your satisfaction, then, if you like, you can conduct business with TrendWealth.

In my experience, TrendWealth is a lucrative, legit business proposition that helps to fill that opening between wish and information by providing cutting edge training and tools created to help the new Internet entepreneur succeed.

by: computerwealth
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Is The Trendwealth Business Opportunity A Sting Or Valid? (3 Fraud Tips)